Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Easter weekend at Omi and Grandpre’s house

April 9th, 2010

We took off April 1st to spend a long weekend to celebrate Easter in Az. Friday, we went to Touroparc which has rides for little ones, plus a nice Zoo. She had a great time! She walk almost the whole time. She loved seeing the animals. The only one that seemed to intimidate her was the Gorilla. I can say that even I was, the look on his face was a bit scary. I think Maya’s favorite was the meerkats. They are pretty cute! My favorite was the seals and the orangutan. We had so much fun that I can’t wait to take her to Disneyland in Paris!!! Here are a few pictures from our day:
And she’s off

These were very friendly monkeys that had some funky faces.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Come on slow pokes

Clear the roads people, Maya is on the loose

I think this was Maya’s favorite, cause she laughed like crazy. This was called the Giant American Swing!

The rest of the weekend Maya’s cousin Johanna. The two had a ball together. They is 6 years between them, but they got along famously. Johanna has enough energy to wear Maya out. I don’t think Maya ever slept so soundly, but that didn’t stop her from waking up at 6:00am, unfortunately, Haha! We also celebrated Easter together. Maya got all dolled up. Her cousin really appreciated her clothes and said that she wanted church clothes for her birthday. I thought that was so cute. So, I guess that I am going to have to do some shopping when I come home in June. I know the sacrifices that I make, lol ;)

Here is a quick look at our weekend:

Maya partner in crime


I think that we spent over 2 hours at this restaurant, and Maya was so well behaved. I still can’t believe it. Wish the food was worth the weight, but oh well.

Tubby Time. The two them made a man made river in the bathroom. It was hysterical

All gussied up for Easter service

Big Egg Hunt. It was really fun, but quite a hike. Maya’s little legs really worked this day!

Vacation Val D’Isere

March 17th, 2010

So, we took off for a week in the mountains, to our old hangout Val DIsere. It isnt the same as when you have no kids, but we had some fun, none the less. Maya took to the snow, like a duck to water. We started off our vacation with Daddy skiing with her Uncle Fiffine in Italy. We took it easy and walk through town and had lunch at the Roxy caf, which serves food like an American diner. Then we came back and took out Pfitzauf. The next day Omi and Grandpere showed up to give us a hand.
Monday, Mommy got to go skiing for a half day with Fiffine and Omi, while Daddy looked after you. The afternoon was a bit chilly and we stayed inside and played with your toys.
Tuesday, after daddy got back from skiing, we tried to get you to do a little skiing, but you had other things on your mind. You had just woken up from a nap and it seemed that your teeth were bothering you, as we discovered a tooth the next day! So, we went back home and played with the WII. Your new found fun! You love playing it with Mommy and Daddy, especially the bowling.
Wednesday, we did a little swimming. You had a blast. They had a tiny pool, where you could play on your own, while we watched. You seemed to prefer the big pool. When we tried to leave, you would pull our had towards the big pool. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our water proof camera with us! She is one Evel Knievel !
Thursday, We played outside in the snow. There was a section of the snow that was like a slide. You had a blast going up and sliding down it all by yourself!! You would giggle like crazy!

Snow Fun

New WII obsession

So, Omi introduced a new flavor that is loved by all the family and NOBODY can do it better than OMI!! She makes the best waffles in the world and Maya she does agree. She repeatedly said please, politely, but the waffles wouldn’t cooperate. They took way to long to be cooked!! The gall of them, lol!!

Baptism TripsRus

October 5th, 2009

Last week, Maya, you had the chance to meet a great group of handicap clients that were traveling with your Uncle Mike. You mom got to show of her French skills and help out as, guide/translator. We met up with them in Luzern Switzerland, then pass through Interlaken, Swiss, then onto Az. Luzern was beautiful, even though it was cloudy and prevented us from seeing the mountains in all their splendor. You were the best little traveler, which was lucky for mommy, since it was just the 2 of you. We were just sad the Auntie Stacey couldn’t be there too, but understand that she needed to work.

Is that Pfitz, lol ?!?!

Visit Home

August 12th, 2008

Well, I made it home and was greeted by a nice heat wave. I left 62 in France and arrived at 90 in Boston with tons of humidity. I have to say that I don’t miss the humidity. As usual, time goes by way too fast! I was treated to a nice surprise, Stacey and Mike purchased a boat and took Steven, My parents, Maggie (Mike’s niece), and myself on the boat for the first outing. It was to be a surprise for me, but it seems that my Dad is still incapable of keeping a secret (now we know where Steven gets his bad habit from)… We had the best time, but ran into a small problem, when no toilet could be found. NOTE to self, x-mas gift for Stacey and Mike, portable toilet ;) Had some champagne and snacks. Here is their beautiful boat

The Graham’s New Boat
The Graham's New Boat

Say Hi to Stacey and Mike!!

Say Hi to Stacey and Mike!!

The Big Kahuna


Hey, Who’s driving????


Mom and Mike

Mom and Mike sm

Then I was able to spend some time with Holly and Debbie.

I had a fun dinner with Holly’s crazy bunch! What awesome kids she has. I hope the new addition keeps the crazy fun personality going. It was great to be with her, especially as she is going through the same thign as me, but with 2 month head start. She better tell me everything that happens during D-Day!! I am 21 weeks pregnant here and my girl Holly is 31 weeks. Here are the two momma’s and there little girls:


Her baby Diana’s shower was the day after I left. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t be there, but due to this crappy oil crisis, the play ticket went up sky high to leave the weekend after. At least I was able to get some creative time in and I made the following gift for her:




April 26th, 2008

So, last weekend Pfitz and I decided to go to Germany. I am in Belgium for work again and decided to take advantage of my location. Unfortunately, we had lousy weather, but it is a place that I would love to go back, when the weather is nicer.
Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Click here for Rhine river
Click here for Mosel river

Ireland Baby!!

March 30th, 2008

Hi All,
Well, we went to Ireland for Easter weekend for my Girlfriend Sharon and Sergio’s engagement party. We had sunny weather, but it was a bit chilly. We visited the Cliffs of Moher, Westport, Galway, and Dublin. We made a stop at the Guinness meusum for Jean-Marc, since I designated driver for the next year.
Photobucket guinness-sha
Moher Cliffs

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