Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Christmas Letter 2005

January 4th, 2006

Hi and Bonjour All,
I thought that I would try to start doing my Season Greeting letter again. Jean-Marc, Pfitzauf, and I are still living in Grenoble France (which in not near Paris). We just cant seem to get enough of the mountains. Jean-Marc was laid off from his job, but I am happy to say that he has found a new job! What a relief.

Let me back up to last Christmas. We were lucky to have the whole Leigh family (Mom, Dad, Stacey, Mike, and Steven) come to France for Christmas. It was a wild course, since they could only stay for a week. We started the fete in Az, were the Leighs and Lenormands united to celebrate Christmas. We were a total of 18 people with the two families. We had such a blast! When then made way, with just the Leighs, to our house to spend a few days in Grenoble. We showed them what real skiing is by going to Les Saisies in the Savoir region. On our last day we took them on a scary, but beautiful ride through a mountain passage with huge icicles. We would have loved for them to stay longer, but they all needed to get back to work. They dont have 6 weeks of vacation like us.

We spent the rest of the winter skiing in Val dIsre. We are lucky that Jean-Marcs parents have an apartment in the station that we can take full advantage. April, my mothers little grape vine informed us that some Burlingtonites had moved to Grenoble. We met Chris, Kristen, Adel, and Terrence Giovaniello and spends lots of fun time with them. I was finally able to pass on my knowledge of here. In May, we took a little trip next to Barcelona, Spain. If you ever get the chance, I totally recommend visiting there. June and July, I took advantage of my Christmas gift, a new mountain bike. We took a weekend in Mjanne, weekend in Val dIsre, and Cote St. Andre in Isre. In August we took a few days in the Verdon, which has a beautiful canyon. We peddled in a little boat down the river to take in the view. It was a nice weekend, as we found an awesome little B&B (La Maquisarde) that treated Pfitzauf as a king.

November took me to Boston, after a two year absent. I can tell you that I did some serious shopping. It was great to see everybody!!! I came home to lots surprises, kids getting so big, others expanding the size of their families, and others getting engaged. I wish that I had more time. I came to France to the German St. Nicolas holiday that is celebrated by my mother in-law every year. I can tell you that it is not an intelligent night, as the brothers decided to do an after hours party until 7:00 am the next day. We celebrated Christmas and New Years with Jean-Marcs family in Val dIsre. We purchased season passes this year for Val dIsre and are pretty much there every weekend.

Well, we are still waiting for people to take advantage that we live in France and to come visit. We would love to have you.

Sorry so late, the photos had a little problem arriving from the post office.

Love Always,

Sharon, Jean-Marc, and Pfitzauf

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