Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Maya Bee at 29 weeks

August 18th, 2008

So, I had my what should normally be my last ultrasound the other day. As usual, Maya decided that she wanted to show off that she is going to be a gymnast like here mom. We have many shots of her feet above her head, so of course we were unable to get a clear shot during the 45 minutes of watching the ultrasound.


Then, She even had the courage to stick her tongue out at us. It is still amazing. Jean-Marc got a movie that we will publish later. Here are a couple of more shots:



Here comes tubby

August 12th, 2008

So here I am at 29 weeks, and to think that I am still going to get bigger. Aghhhhhh! Still having the same reoccurring mood swing about the lack of customer service in this country. You want to jump over the counter and slap them. Sorry need to vent… Anyway, here are a couple of photos of me:


Lots of love in there:

Visit Home

August 12th, 2008

Well, I made it home and was greeted by a nice heat wave. I left 62 in France and arrived at 90 in Boston with tons of humidity. I have to say that I don’t miss the humidity. As usual, time goes by way too fast! I was treated to a nice surprise, Stacey and Mike purchased a boat and took Steven, My parents, Maggie (Mike’s niece), and myself on the boat for the first outing. It was to be a surprise for me, but it seems that my Dad is still incapable of keeping a secret (now we know where Steven gets his bad habit from)… We had the best time, but ran into a small problem, when no toilet could be found. NOTE to self, x-mas gift for Stacey and Mike, portable toilet ;) Had some champagne and snacks. Here is their beautiful boat

The Graham’s New Boat
The Graham's New Boat

Say Hi to Stacey and Mike!!

Say Hi to Stacey and Mike!!

The Big Kahuna


Hey, Who’s driving????


Mom and Mike

Mom and Mike sm

Then I was able to spend some time with Holly and Debbie.

I had a fun dinner with Holly’s crazy bunch! What awesome kids she has. I hope the new addition keeps the crazy fun personality going. It was great to be with her, especially as she is going through the same thign as me, but with 2 month head start. She better tell me everything that happens during D-Day!! I am 21 weeks pregnant here and my girl Holly is 31 weeks. Here are the two momma’s and there little girls:


Her baby Diana’s shower was the day after I left. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t be there, but due to this crappy oil crisis, the play ticket went up sky high to leave the weekend after. At least I was able to get some creative time in and I made the following gift for her:



Dear Maya Bee,

August 11th, 2008

Well, Since we have found out that you are a girl, you are now are little Maya Bee. I loved your name from the first time I heard the song that is your name sake. It is the theme song to a french cartoon “Maya l’abeille” that is actually a austro-japonaise creation. You will hear it most likely from your Uncle Frederic, who from some reason breaks out singing while skiing. It is quite a treat (not so sure), but it is hilarious. So, now you know where your first name came from. It was actually agree upon by your mom and dad quite fast.

So, Now I am in 29th week. Starting to really feel the weight upon the back. Took a train ride that was a little too bumpy for us. The view was pretty, but that was all. I hope that you are as good of travel as you have been in my belly. We are trying to find things that will allow the 4 of us to move about with lots of ease. I think that this is the last month that we will move around thought, as it is still too early for your arrival and don’t want to provoke it. I will work for a couple more weeks, then I will be off and have the company of your Grandpa Leigh!!

Anyway, It has been awhile since I wrote. I have been quite busy with work, thank goodness that you have been heaven. You keep alert that you are with me by giving me kicks all day long. We are moving along together beautifully. We go for the last ultrasound Thursday. Hopefully we remember the camcorder this time. It is strange to realize that the next time we see you will be in our world. I hope that the house will done. It should be. Your room is being transformed, so that it can be shared with the family when they come to visit.

Oh yeah, found a couple of weeks ago that you Grandma Donna, Grandpa Harry, Uncle Steven, Auntie Stacey and Uncle Mike are coming for your big debut!! We will go to Az and celebrate your big arrival with a Thanksgiving meal with the American and French family!!! It should be a blast! I am so excited. Still not sure what your brother Pfitzy thinks of all this. Should be interesting.

So, I just have a couple more things to get for your suitcase and mine, but the essentials are pretty much all there. Need to wash all the clothes, then we are good to go for the hospital. For the house, well, the big things are missing, changing table/bath, playpen, car seat, video intercom, transat, carriage, nightlight. Then we have the bigger things for when you start moving around. Those should be some interesting days.

Well, my dear, I should get back to work. 11 weeks to go …

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