Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes


October 26th, 2008

So Miss Maya,

I am 2 days before my due date and you don’t seem to be in any rush. Your dad seems to be more worried, than me. I figure, what will be, will be. I did gain the most weight this month, so I think that you will be big and strong. You are very active in my belly, kicking up a storm. I think that I will have a permanent bruise on my right side. I am very anxious to meet you! I hope that everything goes well for both of us. I have been waiting for this experience for quite awhile. You are already spoiled rotten by the family. Everyone is so excited for your arrival. Your Grandma Donna, Grandpa Harry, Auntie Stacey, Uncle Mike, and Uncle Steven have booked a flight, to come see you!! You will celebrate your first Thanksgiving with your American relatives. Plus most of your French relatives. Then you will have your first St. Nicolas, a German celebration, and your first Christmas with lots and lots of French relatives. Next year we will celebrate X-mas in the states and hopefully do your christening at the same time.

Baby’s Room practically done

October 25th, 2008

Hi All,
So, we are waiting for Princess Maya to make her presence into this world. I have had everything for her immediate arrival ready, since over a month ago. Can never start too early, is my motto. Here are some photos of the projects that I did in September and October. You can click on them to see a bigger and clearer picture.

The cushions of this chair were reupholster. There was a very itchy fabric previously on it. I had some help for the same “sewing genius” that did the bassinet.

This picture shows the armrest that I did with lots of trials and errors, but they didn’t come out too bad in the end.

This is the baby’s closet. My mom and Stacey found the bees. I made the beehive with my new scroll saw, then painted it. I also painted the letters to go with it. I had fun doing these projects.

This picture includes Maya’s first ultrasound photo in the black frame on the right. Also, some more wooden letters sent by my mom and my sister Stacey, which I painted and decorated.

For the moment, I stopped making stuff for the baby, so I can do other projects more fitting to her personality. So, now I am working on gifts for my nieces. I trying to do some decopatch, to make jewelery boxes for them. This is gluing paper and objects to a surface, to make it prettier. It is more difficult than I thought, but I am having fun. It is good to be back in my workshop, which I need to take pictures, when it a little cleaner.

As for the room, we ordered a daybed to replace the loft bed and the single bed. This is why I chose a bassinet, so family could come and sleep at our house and I could put the baby with us for the night. Can’t wait to find a bigger place!!

Better Late, than Never

October 24th, 2008

So, We were blessed in September with the arrival of my dad for 3 weeks!!! He came to give us a hand on some serious housework. The big job was soldering all the heating pipes. We succeeded in the end, but man was it a big project!! He also built a cover for the pipes, put in railings, cleaned some windows, and the most important, he carried heavy stuff for me!! Here are some pictures of the men at work:

Then, before my dad took off for the States, he was lucky enough to be able to participate in my brother-in-law’s grape harvesting in Az in the Burgundy region. He and Jean-Marc each got a boo-boo. They were lucky and had a beautiful day! I looked on and took some photos. Enjoy:

Baby’s Room taking Shape

October 2nd, 2008

Well, Last week I spent at my in-laws to do some sewing with my mother in-law, Margarete, and her good friend Yvonne “the sewing genie” Ayer. This women is amazing and can sew anything. Anyway, Margarete gave me the family bassinet that was used by almost all the members of the family, except for the nieces on one side. The only problem was that the decoration was blue. Well, I decided that my little bee wasn’t going to have blue. Problem, they don’t sell bassinet skirts that would fit mine. So, I figure that I could sew one, yeah right. As soon as I received the pattern, I knew that I was in trouble. So, I pleaded with my mother in-law, who engaged the help of Yvonne. If this wasn’t enough, We bought a chair, but the fabric that it was made with was itchy, so again, brilliant idea that I had, I would make one.

All that I can say, is good thing Yvonne was there to guide us!! I should say that her and my mother in-law were able to finish the skirt, lining, and canopy in one day. Yvonne also did the cover for my chair cushions. I was able to half of one arm rest in one day. I did manage to finish one the other day and it seems a little to big, so I have some alterations to do. Here are some pictures of the bassinet in her room:

Maya’s new bed

Maya’s Room

Piece of advice, Patterns aren’t written for our generation. If you attempt to sew something, do a workshop that can help you read the darn things!! I ended up just looking at the picture and trying stuff out. Lost a lot of time!!

Stupid me, forgot to take a picture of the chair before the change!! But, I will post them soon.

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