Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Maya Bee at the hospital

November 21st, 2008

Well, I thought that I would take a look back at my first 4 days with Maya. I know that you hear all the mothers say that you never know how much love you have, until the day your child comes into this world. From the second that I heard Maya first cry, not even completely removed from me, I couldnt stop crying tears of joy. The feeling is so intense and over whelming!

We arrived at the maternity at 9:00 am to see, 1. Any change or contractions, 2. To be induced, since Maya decided that she preferred to stay in her mommys belly six days past the due date. Well, nothing has changed from the other days that they monitored me. So, they gave me something to help slowly bring on the contractions, and we were now stuck at the hospital. I did get a nice, big and airy room. That was at about 10:00 am. It is now 2:03 pm and nothing has happen, besides a little belly ache. So, now I guess will be a waiting game.

Well, nothing happen until 4:00 pm that afternoon. I started to have some mild contractions. I was excited and couldnt wait for things to get going. I was put on a monitoring, so wasnt able to move as freely as I would have liked. You know me, can never sit still. Well, these contractions didnt seem to want to increase in power and Maya decided that she wasnt going to help either. She stayed as from away from the exit as possible. Well, around midnight, the midwife was concerned that Maya heartbeat was stagnant, so I was brought to the delivery room and they gave another product to increase the intensity of the contractions. Around 1:00 am I lost my water; we all took as a good sign that things were going in the right direction. The contractions started to get powerful, so they gave me something through my IV to help ease the pain from the contractions. Well, Maya still didnt want to come down. At 4:00 am I was dilated at 1 cm, 6:00 am 2 cm, and possibly made to 3 cm around 8:00 am. They came in to explain to us, because Maya was staying so high and not pushing on the cervix, it wasnt dilating. Plus the product to provoke contractions was causing Maya to go up, instead of down. Since my water had broken, I didnt really have much choice, but to do a cesarean. I have to admit, I was upset that I wouldnt get to experience natural child birth, but I was anxious to meet my little girl. Unfortunately, in France the father is not allowed in the operating room, so I was by myself, but the staff tried to make things as easy as possible. Well, Maya fought us to the very end! She decided that the surgeon was going to have to come and get her, game of Chase. I wont go into too much detail, but I think that my right ribs will have a mark from Maya for the rest of my life. I believe this is payback, as I did a similar thing to my mother. Pay back is a bitch ;) . When they finally got a hold of you and had you half way out, you yelled your battle cry. I was so proud to see that you had my lungs!! Then they had you all the way out and you continued to cry. I never cried so hard with tears of joy! Then they presented you to me, you literally took my breath away! I couldnt believe how beautiful and precious you were. I couldnt speak or breathe, but just stare in awe. Then you were taken away to see you dad!! He took great care of you. I was so proud of him and how he handled everything! Since I was conscious for the whole procedure, everything seems very surreal.

You were born at 12:04 pm Paris time November 4, 2008. They stitched me up and brought me to the recovery room, where they gave me pain killers and watched for any problems for 2 hours. I was finally brought to my room to see my new family! You were in your dads arms and looking beautiful! He looked so proud and a little scared. I loved you both more than I can put into words.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur for me. You had your first visitor, Virginie Sirvant. She has been a huge help and comfort to your mom!! That night was the first big parental experience!! You seemed to be overwhelmed by your new world. You cried and cried, your dad and I were at a lost to find out what was wrong. I cried, because you were so upset and there was nothing that I could for you. I felt like such a failure for a few minutes, and then it seemed we all gave into exhaustion. Your awesome dad slept on a thin mattress on the floor!!

The next day, November 5, 2008, Grandpere and Omi came to visit and boy were they excited to see you. I wasnt able to move too much, so your dad had to do everything! What a man! He took picture and videos, then put them online to share with everyone. So many people had been waiting to see you, and called or wrote sending their love. You were cute as a button! Then our friend Rich came by that evening to greet you, bringing you some beautiful flowers. That night went better. You cried, but not as much and seem to be adapting to your surroundings. Daddy stayed the night again. He was heaven sent, since I still couldnt get out of bed.

November 6, 2008, Marcelle came by to see you! Again, love at first sight. She brought your mom some tasty snacks!! I still have my sweet tooth that I developed during my pregnancy. It was great seeing her! She told us that everyone was excited to hear that you joined us. Daddy took Pfitzy out to the park and did a video conference for everyone to see you! They were thrilled! I was so proud of you! I couldnt wait for you to meet Pfitzauf. I sure do miss him. I was up and took my shower all by myself, so that night we spent our first night alone together, without Dad

Friday, November 7, 2008 was a big day for us. I took off my bandage and took a nice long shower. Then, a flow of visitors came. First, we had Marcelle and Rosette from the dog park. They brought lots of goodies for your mommy to snack on. They loved holding you! They wanted to take you with them. Then Erika and Pato came. They brought mommy some super good chocolates! Again, they adored you. I was so proud of you. After, Kontxi, Bruno, Nobuko and Arnaud came to see you. They brought some chocolates and beautiful flower bouquet. Again, you put them under your spell with your charm. You were wonderful. You slept great that night. We (you, me, and dad) went to a meeting to prepare us for our journey, before going home. It was interesting. Then you had your first blood test and you were magnificent.

Saturday, November 8, 2008 was a nice calm day for us. Virginie came by to say hello and give us wishes from people at work. Her son Antoine made you a beautiful drawing with your bee trademark! We relaxed most of the rest of the day. I am excited that up until now, breastfeeding has been a magical experience. Although changing your diaper has become more interesting, colorful, and smelly, lol.

Sunday, November 09, 2008 well, mommy had a bit of a stomach ache, but was otherwise fine. Daddy and I had an experience with changing you diaper. You did a nice caca that impressed your dad, but it didnt stop there. While changing your diaper, you decided that you hadnt finish pushing and did a little fountain of caca all over. We manage to get it cleaned up, only to have you do a goof flow of peepee, then felt another push come on of caca. We were dying laughing! You taught us a thing or two this morning. Francois and Maud ga
Me to visit us and gave you a cute pink blanket. They had a little girl Manon, 3 weeks before you were born. So, you will have a companion to grow up with.

During my stay at the clinic, I have to say that I had a wonderful team!! They took such good care of us! I dont think that I would have recuperated as fast as I did without this magnificent team!


November 18th, 2008

So, I get a call from Grandma Donna, complaining that there are not enough up-to-date photos of her precious granddaughter. So, Here are a few that were taken a week ago. I promise to try and take some photos, now that she is 2 weeks old today. Time already seems like it is going by too fast.

Big Bro

Et le ouinneur is :

November 18th, 2008

Personne !

La bonne rponse tait 49,5 cm.

Vu que personne a gagn, on garde les bires, non ? Mais comme Sharon allaite, elle a pas encore la possibilit d’en boire, donc on va les partager entre ceux qui ont donn la rponse la plus proche. On dirait que ceux qui avaient le plus soif se sont bien rapprochs de la bonne rponse.

Et on a :
- Debbie avec 49cm
- Valrie avec 49cm
- Annette avec 50cm

Une amricaine, une franaise et une irlandaise ! Enfin bref, vu la reprsentation trs diverse, y a pas de pays plus alcoolique que les autres priori. Par contre, ca serait plus les femmes que les hommes … C’est juste une constatation, pas une ide rcue.

Pour les Ouinneurs, vous aurez votre “cadeau” notre prochaine rencontre.

Voici les photos officielles des mesures:

Vido : sortie et rencontre avec Pfitzauf

November 11th, 2008

La vido : ici. 78Mo


November 6th, 2008

Une petite vido de la petite en “action”

Version pas trop lourde : ici 60Mo

La mme en Full HD de la mort qui tue : l 400Mo, PC trs rcent necessaire (ca se lit bien sur une freebox par contre !)

Si vous avez un souci pour ouvrir les fichiers essayez avec VLC :

Gnrique !

November 6th, 2008

Vu que le prnom et le thme de l’abeille sont issus du dessin anim, voici un lien vers le gnrique.


En attendant on l’espre la version chante par mon frre, beaucoup plus prsente et nette dans les aigus !


Ajout : c’est vrai qu’on est une famille de chanteur, les LENORMAND ! On a un succs fou auprs des caissires quand on paye par chque (du coup, je paye plus par chque …)


November 5th, 2008

Vu qu’on a appris la hauteur de Maya qu’aujourd’hui


Je vous propose un grand jeu-concours avec une caisse de bires locales gagner !

Devinez la hauteur de Maya et vous serez peut-etre l’heureux gagnant d’un caisse dgustation de bires du pas plat pays qui est le mien !

Vous mettez en commentaire ce message votre nom et la hauteur en cm que vous proposez. Les ex-”chos” qui ont le bon rsultat se partageront les bires ;) , Cloture du concours dimanche 9 Novembre 2008 20H.

Elle est ne !

November 5th, 2008

Ca y elle est ne !

Le 4 Novembre 12h04 avec 7 jours de retard sur le jour prvu pour un poids de 3,330 kg. Et les mdias amricains ont raison, ce jour est bien historique !

En csarienne malheureusement, sa mre en tait “trs contente”. Elle est magnifique, je vous laisse voir sur les photos qui suivent !

La petite et ses parents sont trs heureux et en bonne sant malgr le sommeil un peu limit en ce moment !

A bientot, Jean-Marc

Some stats before taking off for the Maternity

November 3rd, 2008

OK, Tomorrow I go to the clinic at 10:30am, to see if they can encourage my little bee to join this planet. I have gained 8kg, about 17lbs. My waist is 104cm, 41 inches. I’m curious to see what will be done tomorrow. I hope that I that I will give birth soon. It is kind of annoying not knowing what will happen.

So, here is finally the photo of my big, fat belly before leaving to be induced:

Big Mama
November 3, 2008

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