Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes


May 12th, 2009

Saturday, May 9th Maya had her first swimming lesson with the “Bb Nageurs” at my gym. Seems that again Maya takes after her Mom and takes awhile to wake up in the morning. Also, It took her some time getting used to the large pool area. She seemed to enjoy herself, but I need to get her used to waking up earlier in the morning. She look so cute in her swimsuit and coverup.

Mommy First

The First Video : click here.

The Second Video : click here.

The Third Video : click here.

Thank you Gammi and grampi

May 12th, 2009

Just a little thank you for the videos that Gammi and Grampi sent:

Hey, there’s my buddy Pfitz

Gammi’s Dolly

Working on the House

May 12th, 2009

So, it seems that the time has come for us to move on. We decided that we would like to move into a house in the mountains and out of the city. We are doing some work on the house and it looks really great; wish we had done it sooner…

New Ceiling

One More Stat

May 12th, 2009

So, here is the latest statistics for Maya Bee,
Weight: 6.600 kg / 14.5 lb
Height: 62cm / 24.4 inches
Head: 42cm / 16.5 inches

She is a little firecracker! She’s like her mom and seems like that she going to be a little gymnast.

Maya’s First Tooth

May 12th, 2009

Today, Maya accompanied Mommy for her beauty appointment, followed by a little shopping. Mommy was trying to hunt down a bathing suit size 9 months for Maya, which doesn’t seem to exist. Mommy did find a wallet and a new diaper bag.
Anyway, We went for my weekly weighing session at the local PMI (social center that has a nurse practitioner and scale available to the residents in the neighborhood, not everything sucks in France). So, I was starting to redress Maya, when I noticed that there was something in her mouth. I stuck my finger in her mouth and discovered something hard and pointy, HER FIRST TOOTH!!!!!!! Her bottom left front tooth. Mommy got all excited and got all the women that were at the center excited. I tried to call Daddy, to no avail; he was in a meeting. So, Mommy called Omi and announced the good news. Next, was Grampi, then Gammi. Everyone was so happy for Maya and realized just how fast time goes by!!
Finally Daddy called and got excited by the good news. He came home before his work dinner party, to see the beautiful tooth. Her is a quick photo of the glorious tooth:
Maya’s Beautiful Tooth

Another Silly Day

May 12th, 2009

They other day, Pfitzauf decided to join us on the couch (first mistake), while I was feeding Maya. I needed to set Maya down for a second and decided to lean her up against Pfitzauf, and that’s when the fun started.
I happen to have the camera right next me, and found that I had an awesome photo session. Here is the result of my fun; look at the expression, they are priceless:

I have to say, Pfitzauf was a really good sport, but I didn’t force him stay that was his choice, lol.

Backing Up A Little Bit

May 12th, 2009

April 22, 2009 Maya took her first official bite of solid foods. She loved it!! She actually had an accidental taste of hot chocolate sauce from her Mom’s sundae by accident. Taught me that day that she needs to be watched every second. The tranquil days are over.
The people present for this step in her life were Mommy Sharon and Daddy Jean-Marc, Gammi Donna and Grampi Harry via wedcam. Here first solid was carrots prepared by her Mommy. Here are a couple of snap shots:

Mommy First

Daddy’s Turn

Joined by Gammi and Grampi

6 months Maya Bee

May 8th, 2009

Maya Leigh Lenormand 6 months:

So, my little Bee is now 6 months and what an adventure it has been so far. You have traveled to lots of places and charmed everyone in your path. I have enjoyed staying home taking care of you these last 6 months and do not look forward to going back to work. But, in order for us to hopefully soon move into a house, mommy must go back. You will soon be going to a Nanny 4 days a week.
Your first 6 months you lived at 8bis Traverse des Iles in Grenoble. The hospital you were born at is only 500 meters from where we live. I walk to and from the hospital to have you. I never had such anticipation of what was to come.

You are also getting quite the repertoire of nicknames (Bee,Cookie,kicky,monkey).

Dear Maya Bee April 2009,

May 8th, 2009

Hi Cookie,
Sorry it has been so long since I have last written. We were busy these last 2 months! March was crazy fun for us. The first week of March we went skiing for one week at Serre Chevalier with Manu, Erika, and Fiffine. We stayed in a lovely chalet. Mommy actually got to go skiing 2 afternoons and you spent some quality time with Daddy and Pfitzauf. You did a little sledding. You had a couple of spills, face first, but you were a trooper and laughed it off. It was a good week. We headed home and unpacked and repacked for our big trip to BOSTON!! It was your first plane trip and you were an angel! We took off from Lyon, a little late, and arrived in Amsterdam with only 30 minutes to get to our next plane. We ran like the wind and just made it on the plane with only 2 minutes to spare. You charmed everyone around you, then ate, then slept for almost the whole flight. Then we got off the plane with our luggage and the fun started!!
Gammie and Grampi were there to greet us! It was wonderful! I was so happy to get there without any problems. We headed to the house, as I was pretty tired after all that traveling. The had everything ready for us. We didn’t need to bring anything for you. Between your grandparents and Auntie Stacey, you were hooked up with everything you could possibly need. Thank goodness your Auntie Stacey has such good friends; they gave us chairs, swings, stroller, car seat… We were good to go.

Mommy got in touch with all her friends to make plans, so that she could show you off, as well as letting them show off their pride and joys. The first person we saw was mommy’s childhood friend Tanya that mommy has known forever. You loved her! Her little boy Micheal was captivated by you. We got our next visit by Debbie, up from Rhode Island. We did a little shopping and chit chatted the whole time. It was great seeing her. Next, we saw Holly, but were unable to meet Diana this time, as her mommy and grammie wore her out shopping, lol. You did entertain us. On to the next visit, which was with Van and Elena, whom mommy hadn’t seen in years, but they hadn’t changed a bit. We got to meet Van’s kids, who are absolutely adorable. We have a cute video of them singing, which I still need to edit and post (coming soon). The next stop was to see Heather and meet her new little boy and visit with the rest of the family. We got to see their amazing new home and mommy got to catch up on the last few years that we hadn’t seen each other. Her kids have gotten so big, it made mommy feel old.

Then mommy got wonderful news, her Aunt Jan said that she was coming up. This would be your great aunt! She made the long trip up to meet you. Mommy had not seen her in 10 years and was thrilled to have her come up. Thanks to your Aunt Pammy (actually your mommy’s cousin), she carted Aunt Jan, Erika and Alex (aunt Jan’s grandchildren) and her client all the way up to Boston see us. What a generous thing she did. Mommy can’t thank her enough. We did some serious shopping with them! They spoiled you rotten!!! It was too much. We had lots of fun with them and wished they could have stayed longer. When you are a little bigger, we will make our way down to their next of the woods.

Unfortunately, you, mommy, and gammie all got sick with the nastiest of colds! We were out of commission for about 5 days. During this your Great Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Ashton came all the way up from Virginia!! Bring lots of goodies for you again!! They were trying to instill that good southern charm into you, during their stay. They played and played with you. They were even her for your Uncle Steven’s birthday. We were unable to go to the restaurant with them, since we weren’t in very good shape. You, Me and Aunt Ellie took off for a day of shopping and lunch. We had such a good time!! We were sad to see them go, but will hopefully make it down their way soon.

Finally, we got to find a day for a play date with Diana. It was so much fun. The day started out with a photo shoot. Their was quite a few divas that day,lol. Diana is already like her mom and wants to be in front and center of the stage,lol. She had to nudge you out off the way in the process, but you didn’t seem to agree:
Someone’s mad

Here are some pictures from the photo shoot:
Mommy didn’t want to leave, but knew that we needed to drive home and get some sleep. Can’t wait to see them again in December.

Saturday, we got some grandparent pictures done and a couple by yourself. Then Mommy packed her ass off, as we would be leaving 2 days later. Our time went by way to fast.

Sunday, you celebrated your first Easter! We celebrated it with Uncle Mike’s family. You were dressed do pretty in your dress and bonnet. You even got to participate in your first Easter basket hunt. We had a nice dinner with some delicious ham.

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