Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Going To Fast

August 29th, 2009

You are learning new things at a crazy speed! Here are two videos showing you clapping your hands, which you did with your Auntie Valerie and cousin Johanna.

And the most impressive, August 21, 2009 you stood up and didn’t hold onto anything!!!! Sorry that the video for this isn’t the best quality, but I am just so proud and needed to share :)

En vidos : ici et la. A ouvrir avec VLC.

Maya Bee, now Maya Chimp (for the moment)

August 29th, 2009

So my little chimp you are going through your chimpanzee phase. I can’t believe the progress you are making in such a short time!!! You have learned to dance while standing holding on to your playpen and bed. You shake your head no (chimpanzee style), cluck your tongue, clap your hands, and best of all (drum roll) stand up all by yourself without holding on to something!!! It is the cutest thing, since you are so small. We are waiting for daddy to modify the videos, so we can publish them on the site. I am amazed at what you can do so effortlessly! Also, you aren’t afraid of falling. We have had a couple of bumps and bruises already. Here is a picture of your first boo-boo.
First one not too bad

Second bump was a little more serious.

I love how you have moments of calm where you inspect everything around you for about an hour, then next 5 hours is not stop getting into everything that your brain absorbed. Pfitz and you have become good friends. He comes to your side any time that you are upset. Whenever someone says his name you start looking for him! Sometimes when you cry and you are on our laps, Pfitz comes and sticks his nose under your leg to get your attention. Here are a couple of photos hanging around the house:

Taking a snooze with Daddy (aka Papa)

Here you are wearing your nifty cap that we found at a fair in the mountains:

Your other new discovery is bubbles. You love the bubbles! It was a accidental discovery. I got free bubbles from a store and decided to try them out. You squealed with joy! Here are a couple of photos of you playing with them. Here you are amazed at the bubbles, while sporting your fancy cap:

This month you got to play with lots of friends too. We saw Emilie who is a year older than you. She gave you your first baby doll that we called Emilie. You guys even took a dip in our little blowup pool.

Then we spent a good part of our summer hanging out with Manon Leroyer. With lots of cookouts and swimming in her Gammie’s pool! You have become quite a little fish. They are very good friends!

Got Mommys lungs here, lol :)

Here are some pictures from Manons mommy:

We went to Az for a quick visit, which ended up being fun despite the fact that we didnt accomplish what we wanted to do while we were there. We still have fun and had some silly moments.

You met a new friend Kim Mai/Leia. Her mommy works with your mommy, and we are both breastfeeding and pumping milk during the day at work. We have gotten to know each other pretty good and have a lot in common. They came to our house for the day, then we went on a futile trip to baby stores. We were very disappointed, but enjoyed their company. Here is Leia and her mom performing good time management, lol.

Showing off to Leia your awesome athletic abilities

On our useless, but fun road trip

Then the next day, we went to see Peio, whom finally came back from his trip to Spain. They bought you the neatest Bee that speaks Spanish. You love your new toy!! Also, you decided to really show off and stand all by yourself in the middle of the room, without holding on to anything!!!! Daddy is still working on that video. Here is you buddy, who grew a lot, since we last saw him:

Finally, you had your last day with Nanny Mme Comte! She was so good to you and you had lots of fun hanging out daily with her grand-daughter Emma:

Mayas Last day at Nanny Mme. Comte

Oh Lord, 9 months my little Bee

August 20th, 2009

Miss Maya has turned 9 months today! Here are the stats:
Height: 69 cm 27 in
Weight 7.5 kg 16.5 lbs
Head Circumference: 44 cm 17.3 in

She is standing all the time and crawling all over the place!! She is a very curious little monkey. At least the house stays extremely clean and picked-up.

Here are a few shot taken the day she turned 9 months.


August 13th, 2009

So where was I? Oh yeah, soJean-Marc, Maya, Pfitzauf, and I took off to a surprise location. Jean-Marc planned a lovely vacation for us in Titisee Germany. It is a charming area in the Black Forest area. Jean-Marc and I were treated to 1 1/2 hour massage. What a treat!! We drove around the area and took in the scenery. Unfortunately, we had a bit of rain and it got chilly. Here are pictures from here:

Mommy and Maya Going to take a dip
Maya is becoming quite the little fish.

Maya’s first Gondola Ride at a ski resort

Daddy Being Silly

Auntie Stacey’s Little Hawaiian Girl

11 years later, we return to the town that was our first vacation we took as a married couple Titisee Germany

Brotherly/Sisterly Love – they were great little travelers, I was so proud

Jean-Marc then took off a couple of days July 17,; with our nephew to Italy to do so 44 on trails. Maya, Pfitz and I hung around the house. We had fun, just the three of us.

Then, they came back and hung at one day with Maya, pfitz, and me. Maya learned to do Peek-a-Boo by herself using her blanket. It has become one of her favorite games!
The next day, we took off to see my girlfriend Sharon Conroy, who is now Sharon Massidda, and her family in Rivoli, Italy (next to Torino) for a couple of days. We had so much fun and ate some fantastic food! It was fun cause we got to dress up a bit.


On the way home we stop for a night in Val D’Isere, were we took in a local Rugby game. It was so much fun!! We also took a walk to a little hameau (village) that has no electricity. The People that own the houses, usually go there only in the summer for a couple of weeks. We stop by one of the houses for a drink and they chatted with us. They have 5 children and spend most of their summer there. Their kids were cute and very behaved and friendly. Here is Maya in her backpack carrier, correctly for once!!

Finally, we were on our way home. Maya got her first new real walking shoes!! Since she is determined to try and walk, we got her some shoes that support her ankle well. Here are her new kicks:

More Photos To Come

August 10th, 2009

Hi All, Just a quick note that there are more photos to come. Also, wanted to let you know that I will modify the photos in the most recent article to a smaller size. When you click on them, you can have a bigger picture, but a more reasonable size, so it won’t take to long to charge.
Hugs and Kisses,

Dear Maya Bee Summer 2009

August 9th, 2009

So Maya’s first summer seems to be just flying by!! We have been having lots of dinner parties with friends, as well as some traveling. We kicked off this some BBQing with the Rooke’s, where Maya discovered lots of neat toys that she will require in the near future. Emilie was kind enough to share her toys and bed with our little “Bee”. This is the 3rd most beautiful and amazing hair that I have ever seen. Here’s a pic of the 2 girls making nice:

Then as I said before, we had a quick weekend in Nice and Monaco to visit with Michelle Dauphinais and Jessie before they took off on their cruise. Monaco was nice, but Nice wasn’t my favorite place. We went out for dinner for my birthday and then stop in Aix en Provence for a cold drink:

Maya got a hold of the hot pink drink decoration

We took off for a weekend at Omi and Grand-Pre in Az for Father’s Day. They were glad to see her and we had a fun weekend eating as usual.

The next couple of days we hung around the house. Maya gave me hand with the cleaning:

Maya taking after her mommy and grampi and their love for Bread!!

Then we Maya’s friend Peio over with his parents for the night. We did a little SALES shopping during the day. Maya took her first Tramway ride into town. We picked up a few outfits for next year. Daddy ended our little shopping escapade by calling us home to wait for the guy to fix our broken air conditioner. It was probably a good thing in the end, less painful on the wallet.

Maya’s first tramway ride

Here is Maya and Peio having their first dinner as a couple ;)

Maya was amazed at how tall Peio’s Daddy is and adored him!

We had a nice dinner all together at Arnaud and Nobuko’s house. We gave them a bit of baby training. Here we are enroute to their house:

On our way, Maya took a minute to stop and smell the roses:

The next day Maya celebrated her first 4th of July with our friends Rich and Juliette, who are also a French and American couple. We took a quick dip in their pool. Her is Maya dressed for the day:

Then Maya met our friends Bruno and Fred and their girls Leah and Sam. They lent us a fancy carriage and traveling car bed in the beginning, before we got out all terrain carriage. I made Daddy go out and get a wadding pool for the girls to play in. It was lots of fun.

Then we were finally off on vacation July 10th. Maya became a little European traveler. I believe that its in her blood, with a mom who came from a military family, and a Daddy that moved every 3 years. She was great!! We started off the first night in Zurich, Switzerland and stayed at a fancy hotel that had a Starbucks in it!! Also, it had a pool on the top floor of a 32 story building over-looking the city. The next day, we took off for Gppingen Germany for my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday. We had lots of fun and ate lots of food. We visited the area where she grew up. It was neat to see traces of her family in the area since early 1800s. We even went to the church where her great grandparents got married. We spent 4 days together with the whole family. It actually went surprisingly well. Here are a couple of pictures from the birthday vacation:

Visiting Omis childhood town

Omi’s family in Germany, celebrating her 7th Birthday

The belle of the ball is all tuckered out

Walking off dinner


Maya hanging out at the hotel

Visiting Porche Museum


Visiting were Omi and Grand-Pre got married

Pfitzauf meets Bambi
Maya meets Bambi

All tuckered out

Then Jean-Marc, Maya, Pfitzauf, and I took off to a surprise location. Jean-Marc planned a lovely vacation for us in Titisee Germany. It is a charming area in the Black Forest area. Jean-Marc and I were treated to 1 1/2 hour massage. What a treat!! We drove around the area and took in the scenery. Unfortunately, we had a bit of rain and it got chilly. Here are pictures from here:

Jean-Marc then took off a couple of days July 17,; with our nephew to Italy to do so 4×4 on trails. Then, they came back and hung at one day with Maya, pfitz, and me. Maya learned to do

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