Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Where did November Go???

December 7th, 2009

Hi my little Bee,
This month has just flown right by! This month came with lots of bumps and bruises, as you run everywhere and climb a bit. We started the month with your birthday. Then we spent a lot of the time around the house. We went to parks and took a drive in the mountains. You had your eye appointment were we discover that you have the same problem with your eyes as your daddy. So that weekend we bought you your first eyeglasses, which you manage to break in the first 2 hours of wearing them. Oh well. Then Omi and Grand-pre came for a visit. It was good to see them, as the are quite the social butterflies and are very busy!
It seems that your first word is itzy and itzau, which is Pfitzy and Pfitzauf. You 2 have become very good friends. Two days later you said your name and very clearly MaYa, with a hard Y. We weren’t sure why you were saying it this way, until we were eating a snack at Ikea and bought a snack pack applesauce for you. Your Daddy didn’t think this one through and gave you the squishy pouch of apple sauce and you did what was natural and squeezed it. We had a geyser of sauce and both mommy and Daddy said MaYA and that is how we discovered why you say your name that particular way :)

You love the nanny and her little boy Heldar. You absolutely love playing on the slide. We are still sad by the fact that no swings seem to exist in French parks. Hopefully, we will move and we will be able to build you your own swing set.

You have discovered toys and got loads for your birthday! We got you a new little tricycle that you seem to really enjoy. You love the fact that there is a cup holder that you can put your bowl of cheerios into. You also got a drum that comes out on occasion, due to the noise factor. Maybe you can be in that band that your friend Diana seems to be starting :) !!

Another object that you seem to think is a toy is the telephone! You love to call your Gammi!
Sitting down for a nice chat

Finally, we celebrated St. Nicolas a bit earlier this year. We went to Omi and Grand-pres for the weekend. It was so much fun!! You werent too thrilled with St. Nic, but you did enjoy the presents he gave you!


The partys over

Hah, Almost had you there! Second Wind

The next Day

We decided to put the tree up early this year, since we will be in Boston at Gammi and Grampis for Christmas. You and Pfitzauf made sure that the tree was done up correctly!
Christmas Tree inspectors

The first week of December we decided to take a quick run up to Val DIsere to ski, since Omi and Grandpre were to be there. They ended up having to go home early with a bad cold, but we went up anyway. We just enjoyed the snow and watch you and Pfitzauf play in it. You are as good of sport this year, as you were last year about the snow. You fall face first and just laugh! Here are some shots from the weekend:

Sportin Daddys Glasses

You were really pooped after all that fresh air!!

Here is a couple of random pictures that I love:

Day in the mountains

December 1st, 2009

The other day, we decided to check out a park in center of Grenoble. I was sad to see that there are no rides for little tykes under three. Not only that, I have noticed that French parks dont have swings!!! Maya discovered the swing at her Omi and Grandperes house and loved it!! I am so sad that I cant find one for her to play on in Grenoble, while we wait to sell our place and move to a house (we need people to keep their fingers crossed that we will sell soon). So, anyway, after we discovered no swings, we decided to take a ride into the mountains and take a walk up there. It felt good to be in the fresh, clean air. Alls we are missing is the snow!!

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