Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Un an en vido

January 26th, 2010

Une petite vidos maison amusante pour la premire anne de Maya et la nouvelle anne (a change pour ceux qui aime pas lire trop de texte de surcroit en anglais). Si vous avez le codec divx install, vous devriez pouvoir voir la vido directement dans cette page (il faut cliquer sur le bouton de lecture, le dmarrage n’est pas automatique). Sinon et pour une version de la vido avec une meilleur qualit cliquez ici


Sleigh bells ringing and jing ting tingaling too

January 13th, 2010

Well, well, my little bee. You are 14 months today and as quick a whip. We just got back from a fun filled vacation with some fabulous highlights! We took off to visit Gammi and Grampi December 11, and had a great plane trip. You were so good! They were waiting there with a cute new doll that we call baby cookie. You didnt seem to think that it was the appropriate size, but eventually you came to love it. It was mighty cold when we arrived, but it didnt even seem to faze you.

We celebrated your birthday, so you had tons of clothes and toys to use during the vacation. They even got you a new bed room set! Hopefully, it will get used again after you grow up?!?! You adjust with ease to the time change. Thank goodness, as this allowed mommy to leave you for an evening with Gammi, Grampi, and Auntie Stacey, for a much needed girls night out. Mommy was so happy to go out with her friends from college Van, Elena, Shannon, and (sorry one boy) Artie. It was so good to see them all, and hopes with all her might that some of them will find their way to France. Thursday, we went to visit Auntie Stacey and her colleagues at her work. You had a blast, since there were a million toys! Friday, we went to hang out with Diana and her mommy. You two were so cute together! You both really dig Elmo! You decided there that you were very interested in table food! From then on, you always wanted what was on the table.

Saturday, you we went to meet Reverend Macdonald to discuss your baptism. You were a bit shy at first, but seem to warm up at the end. After, we did a bit more running around, since your dad and his parents were arriving the next day. That night we got our first snow fall. It was great to see the snow, but was a little nerve racking, as we weren’t sure the plane would come in. I was very excited, because it seem that we were going to have a white Christmas.
Then snow came and we were nervous that daddy, omi, and grand-pere weren’t going to make it in, but thank goodness they did with no problem. It was great to have your grandparents from France here for Christmas. The last time they were here was 1 years ago for your mommy and daddy’s wedding. We got them back to the house and got them warmed up, as it was quite cold. After, we were all together and got caught up, since the grandparents had not seen each other since you were born. The next day we had a lovely dinner all together at the Concord Inn. It was lovely!

The next couple of days Daddy, Omi, and Grand-pere did some sight seeing with Grampi, while you get some good rest and helped mommy with some last minute Christmas shopping. Christmas eve finally arrived and we all went to church for the Christmas eve service. It was nice and you did well, but got a little antsy at the end. Before we went to church, we had a nice turkey dinner, and you really enjoyed the turkey, mashed potatoes, and squash. You got to open your one gift, as is the tradition in Mommy’s family, which was your Christmas PJs.

Then next day, you couldn’t wait to get to your gifts, but it was tough, because we had to wait for Auntie Stacey and Uncle Mike. They did make a huge effort and arrived at 8 in the morning! You were the first to open your gifts and boy did Santa treat you good. You must have been one extra special girl. You seemed to really thoroughly enjoy all your gifts. Not even the paper interested you more than your actual gift! Later that day Uncle Mike’s family joined us all for a Chinese food fiesta! We order a little bit too much. We had lots of fun being all together! At the end of the day Aunt Busha and Uncle Poppi made their appearance! It was great to see them safe and sound.

Guess what Mommy and Daddy do…

The next day, we did some family pictures, then went home to a fantastic meal prepared especially for you by your Aunt Busha! She made fried oysters, oyster stew, oyster tomato soup and good ole raw oysters! It was wonderful and was happy to see that there were going to be seconds!!

December 27 we celebrated you baptism into the Burlington Presbyterian Church. We had lots of people to see you join on this special day. There were Gammi, Grampi, Uncle Steven, Auntie Stacey, Uncle Mike, Aunt Busha, Uncle Poppi, Mr and Mrs Harrington, Mrs. Ciampo, Tanya and her sons Michael and Joesph. Also, Is was great to see many members of the church that mommy knew as a young girl. On top of everything, there was many musical instruments that day and was beautiful to hear! There was a Irish Harp, Irish drum, guitar, bells, piano, and organ. It was a very special day! After we had brunch at Dandelion Green, followed by cake. As usual, you really enjoyed the icing on the cake. You got a beautiful bible, photo frame with a cross necklace, and money that we put towards your new car seat. It was a very nice day.

Here is you and me for Children’s time during the church service

That evening brought in your Aunt Melanie and Uncle Perry and your cousins Leigh and Clare. It was great to see them. The girls fell under your charm!! You had two big toys to play with. The last time Mommy saw them the girls were only 5 and 2! Now they are grown up into beautiful young ladies! The house was full of fun and laughter!

The next day, we took off for a little shopping at the outlets to get your Daddy some proper clothes. We had a very successful shopping day. We got to bed early, as we left bright and early for New York, New York!!!!

We took off to New York to go and see the Rockets “Christmas Spectacular”!!! First we got a bite to eat at a delicatessen, then was on our way to the show, when who do we come across, but Elmo. You pointed right at him. SO we ran across the street and got a quick picture with him. Unfortunately, you didn’t have the same feelings for Cookie Monster. Then we made our way to the show and IT WAS AWESOME!! It was an hour and a half long and you danced the whole time!!!! You were in total awe. I was nervous about you getting bored, but you were totally under the spell. You try mimicking the dancers. Everybody couldn’t believe how good and involved you were. I was so proud of you! Now we know that you will be signed up for dance classes as soon as possible, especially tap dancing!

I Love You Elmo

I’ll pass on cookie monster, even if we share the same name :(

Here we are at the show:

You getting down to the music

Gotta see the tree at Rockafellar Center

Mommy was very sad to leave, but was happy to come back to Grenoble France and have a snow storm like never before!!!

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