Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Vacation Val D’Isere

March 17th, 2010

So, we took off for a week in the mountains, to our old hangout Val DIsere. It isnt the same as when you have no kids, but we had some fun, none the less. Maya took to the snow, like a duck to water. We started off our vacation with Daddy skiing with her Uncle Fiffine in Italy. We took it easy and walk through town and had lunch at the Roxy caf, which serves food like an American diner. Then we came back and took out Pfitzauf. The next day Omi and Grandpere showed up to give us a hand.
Monday, Mommy got to go skiing for a half day with Fiffine and Omi, while Daddy looked after you. The afternoon was a bit chilly and we stayed inside and played with your toys.
Tuesday, after daddy got back from skiing, we tried to get you to do a little skiing, but you had other things on your mind. You had just woken up from a nap and it seemed that your teeth were bothering you, as we discovered a tooth the next day! So, we went back home and played with the WII. Your new found fun! You love playing it with Mommy and Daddy, especially the bowling.
Wednesday, we did a little swimming. You had a blast. They had a tiny pool, where you could play on your own, while we watched. You seemed to prefer the big pool. When we tried to leave, you would pull our had towards the big pool. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our water proof camera with us! She is one Evel Knievel !
Thursday, We played outside in the snow. There was a section of the snow that was like a slide. You had a blast going up and sliding down it all by yourself!! You would giggle like crazy!

Snow Fun

New WII obsession

So, Omi introduced a new flavor that is loved by all the family and NOBODY can do it better than OMI!! She makes the best waffles in the world and Maya she does agree. She repeatedly said please, politely, but the waffles wouldn’t cooperate. They took way to long to be cooked!! The gall of them, lol!!


March 17th, 2010

It is amazing how fast time is passing by! I am not prepared for this growing up stuff, but it really is amazing. I love spending time with Maya, watching her discover everything! She finds things that I had forget existed or didn’t even realize existed! It is amazing what you pick up and try to mimic. Mommy is trying to watch her language, in both French and English.

Daddy’s Little Girl, has him wrapped around that pretty little finger!

Maya helping with the Laundry

Busy Maya Bee

March 17th, 2010

Since we have come back from our trip to Boston, Maya has been quite the Busy Bee. We had a nice lunch at Manon’s house. Maya thinks that she has lots of cool toys. Maya especially liked her books!!! They are so great that we can’t even find them in the store :( . They are always sold out. Anyhow, the girls had a ball playing. We get a message the next day, saying that Manon had started walking!! Seems to be that she needed a little push from her Bee Buddy. Mommy wasn’t very prepared and forgot her camera :0. Bad mommy.

We try and go to your Baby swimming class every Saturday, but it depends on the cold. We really need to invest in a waterproof camera, so we can share your fun with Gammi and Grampi!

Mommy is happy to announce that she has finally discovered a store that now carries some bagels and American style cakes in Grenoble. Mommy has passed on her love for bagels to Maya. She enjoys them as much as I do! Her is some proof:

The first weekend in February, we were lucky enough to have a visit from my friend Magali and her kids, Melina and Esteban, whom were home from New Caledonia to visit their family. We did a little shopping, and then spent time talking and catching up. We had not seen each other in almost 2 years. She understands how difficult it is to live away from the family. It is even harder for, as she nor her husband have no family in New Caledonia. She is my scrapping goddess, which is one of the thousand reasons that I miss her. She is my inspiration and motivator. But alas, she has a great life in New Caledonia. It was great having them and wish that Maya and I could take off and visit them. Here is our little gang:

Pfitzauf’s Girlfriend! You can see the adoration in his eyes!

Next we went and hung out for the day with Maya’s friend Peio. They too were home in Spain visiting their family for Christmas. We had fun talking about what we did over the holidays. She and I get each other, as we are both foreigner her in France. She is always very calm and is there to help me get through The kids had a ball playing with each other! We return the next weekend to pick up something and Peio started pushing Maya around on a cart. The next day, we got a call and Maya had yet inspired another to start walking ;) . Here are the kids having a great time.

From all this socializing, I have one tired little Bee

Maya’s 16 months stats brought to you by Arnica BooBoo cream.

March 12th, 2010

Table 1 – Maya 0

Today we went to our local “PMI” to get the Bee’s weight and height progress. Instead we got a little more. Maya was being her usual busy self, movin and groovin, and ended up going a round with the table. Unfortunately, Maya loss and got a nice shiner! She was a pretty good sport about it and only cried for a few seconds and was back to her crazy self. She is one tough little cookie.
Here is her shiner:

Then on top of everything, she got another bump, god only knows how:

Let me tell you that the French creme Arnica is great!! It is made from plants, so it can be used on little ones and it helps the black and blueness go away quicker!

So, here is the little bruisers stats:
She is tiny, but mighty!!
Height:75 cm/ 29.5 in.
Weight: 9.1 kg / 20 lbs


March 11th, 2010

It is amazing that two people can work for the same small company for five years and never have your paths cross. I was fortunate enough that this all changed with the birth of Maya.

Cecile (Hong) and I both had a baby this last past year and came back from maternity leave at the same time in June. It was great to have someone that was going through the same pain of being separated from their little one. Not only that, but we took upon the feat of continuing to breastfeed, despite the fact that we were working full time! It made the the whole pumping game much easier.

We have gotten quite close, as we have a lot in common. We both have little girls. Her little girl is 3.5 months younger than Maya. I loved being able to have someone to share Maya’s beautiful wardrobe (thanks Gammie and Aunt Stacey). Although that is finish, as she is as tall as Maya now. We both come from a foreign country and tried to instill our origins into our daughters. We both love to shop for our tykes. But the most important thing is that she is my confidant. It is great to have someone’s shoulder always at the ready everyday. She is one of the sweetest people that I know. On top of all that, I get to eat some kick ass Asian food! Now, if we can only find time to get her into my scrapbooking passion. Here are a couple of pictures of our daughters with a stylin’ hat:

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