Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

My baby girl is gone, now I have a beautiful little girl

April 17th, 2010

I have now been a mom for 17 months and have cherished every minute of it. Maya has been nothing, but a pure joy. She has been so much fun and I adore our time together. She always seems genuinely interested in everything we do. She has lost all her baby and has turned into a beautiful little girl. Her favorite things at the moment are in order slides, Elmo, swings, playing in the sand, dogs, animals, and coloring. She loves going to the nanny’s to play with her little boy, who is 6 months older than Maya. Breaks my heart a little every time that I take her, because she walks in by herself then waves over her shoulder, while yelling “Au Revoir”. Then, if I don’t leave right away she waves and says “Bye Bye” in English, as if I didn’t understand “Au Revoir”. See, what I mean, grown up. But, we do have lots of fun when we are together. We go to a English play group. Swimming on Saturdays with daddy. Dog park at 17:00 any time that we can. Time goes by so fast.
Here is Maya looking grown up and sportin’ pigtails:
Maya watching her beloved Elmo

Maya loves doing cheers, but I prefer her not doing it with the camera

Likes to set of the noise on her walker. Lord knows that she never needed it to help her walk!!

Maya at the park with the English speaking kids group
Wasn’t so interested in playing with the other kids. The more interested in the rides.

Here we see that Maya has her mom and dad’s determination! She is trying to get a ball and got it in the end!

Maya’s favorite thing at the moment, The Slide”

Hanging out at the Doggy Park

Maya’s little boyfriend Alex

Pfitz needs to show off his handsome new haircut

Maya also learned another new word “Cheese”! She does love the camera, now I just need to get her to stay still!



April 12th, 2010

Again, we found ourselves at Val D’Isere this weekend to get a last ski run in, as we had a butt load of snow fall recently in the mountains. It help me get my mind off of some recent lousy situations. We had a great weekend! Sun, snow and pool. Saturday, we did some skiing, then made some chocolate mousse, as it is Maya’s favorite dessert! I have proof :)

Again, Maya proves to be Daddy’s girl, as she has his love for Legos, albeit they are the big model:

Sunday, while Daddy skied, we took a quick trip to the other station, Tignes, to visit the open market, where we purchased Chammy the chamois. Chammy is giving Elmo a run for his money. When Daddy got back, we all went to the pool for a swim. Maya had a blast in the paddle pool. She was actually trying to swim on her own. It was awesome. I was able to get a couple of pictures, but there was lots of water splashing, so I couldn’t get as many shots as I wanted.

17 months stats and Gammi’s latest gift!

April 9th, 2010

Grammi saved the day by sending spring clothes size 18 months. I had bought clothes for a bit later in the year and would still be a bit too big. Also, Maya can actually sport tiny ponytail.
Maya is now:
Height: 75.5 cm or 29.7 in
Weight 9.4kg or 20.7 lbs

Maya’s new jogging suit

Maya’ baby blue eyes outfit. We were getting ready for her English speaking group play date.

Easter weekend at Omi and Grandpre’s house

April 9th, 2010

We took off April 1st to spend a long weekend to celebrate Easter in Az. Friday, we went to Touroparc which has rides for little ones, plus a nice Zoo. She had a great time! She walk almost the whole time. She loved seeing the animals. The only one that seemed to intimidate her was the Gorilla. I can say that even I was, the look on his face was a bit scary. I think Maya’s favorite was the meerkats. They are pretty cute! My favorite was the seals and the orangutan. We had so much fun that I can’t wait to take her to Disneyland in Paris!!! Here are a few pictures from our day:
And she’s off

These were very friendly monkeys that had some funky faces.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Come on slow pokes

Clear the roads people, Maya is on the loose

I think this was Maya’s favorite, cause she laughed like crazy. This was called the Giant American Swing!

The rest of the weekend Maya’s cousin Johanna. The two had a ball together. They is 6 years between them, but they got along famously. Johanna has enough energy to wear Maya out. I don’t think Maya ever slept so soundly, but that didn’t stop her from waking up at 6:00am, unfortunately, Haha! We also celebrated Easter together. Maya got all dolled up. Her cousin really appreciated her clothes and said that she wanted church clothes for her birthday. I thought that was so cute. So, I guess that I am going to have to do some shopping when I come home in June. I know the sacrifices that I make, lol ;)

Here is a quick look at our weekend:

Maya partner in crime


I think that we spent over 2 hours at this restaurant, and Maya was so well behaved. I still can’t believe it. Wish the food was worth the weight, but oh well.

Tubby Time. The two them made a man made river in the bathroom. It was hysterical

All gussied up for Easter service

Big Egg Hunt. It was really fun, but quite a hike. Maya’s little legs really worked this day!

The 3 amigos

April 8th, 2010

I have 2 really good girl friends that like me, found their true love in the form of a frog, a French frog that is. Nobuko is Japanese and found and followed her love from Japan to Grenoble. Kontxi came from Spain and landed in Grenoble, then a small move to Saint Marcellin. We are all full time career woman, with stressful jobs. We all work for companies that are being crushed by the crisis. Although, I don’t know how much of that is bull caca.
Anyway, Nobuko and I were introduced through a good mutual friend, Manu, who he himself has a foreign wife (Colombian). We met over 8 and half years ago, when she and her husband were just boyfriend and girlfriend. We would all meet on Thursday evenings for a drink in town. Ahhhh, the good old days, when we were young and had our future in front of us. Then, 6 years ago, they got married and the “maid of honor” was Kontxi, who was dating a friend of mine that I met during the year that I was studying here, but has lost contact with him. We all hit it off and became friends.
Now, we are all entering motherhood. Kontxi and I have Maya and Peio, who are 3 weeks apart. We are now happy to announce that Nobuko will soon be joining us with a little boy, so Maya will have her pick when she is older ;)

Here are a couple of photos from our fun dinner the other day:

The 3 Amigos

Kontxi and her family

Having fun

Mad came of Peek-a-Boo

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