Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Getting back to things

July 30th, 2010

So, we made it back to Grenoble after an awesome trip home. It has been quite a transition!! Maya has decided that she no longer wants to be separated from her mommy! As other mothers, I thought that we were going to kind of breeze through this phase. She was a bit of momma’s girl, but would never fuss too much, when she needed to go to someone else. Well, Separation Anxiety showed its ugly head upon our return. To make matters worse, it wouldn’t be any other way, Maya started a new Nanny AND had her 4 Canine teeth come, YEAH!!! I didn’t know that Maya could scream so loud, high and long. It was pretty scary!! We finally found that the best thing that we can do is ignore the whole tantrum. The thing that I am most graceful for is that she didn’t lose her sleeping schedule, so I could get some rest. It was a pretty scary time, as you feel totally helpless to help her.

It is getting better, especially now that most of the teeth have poked through. We still have mini episodes, but they don’t last but a minute or two. Plus we have been crazy busy since we got back, which probably didn’t help matters. We went to her Omi and Grandpere house, to celebrate Jean-Marc’s cousin’s 40th birthday. Her and her family live in Texas, so it was fun to compare war stories about living in a different country. Maya had a ball, as there were a ton of kids of all ages!! I hope to get some pictures up soon. During the week, we caught up with friends, then did some much needed unpacking!

Now, I am preparing to go away again to my in-laws to visit with some of Jean-Marc’s German cousins that are passing by. One of them just got back from Missouri, so I want to see how his trip went. Plus it is the annual town festival weekend, which is always not very intelligent, but fun! Finally, cleaning up the house, as my in-laws are coming to watch Maya, since her Dad is going to our friend’s wedding in Minsk in Belarus. I hope he takes good pictures and comes back with cool gifts for Maya and Me!

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