Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Halloween Number II

October 31st, 2010


October 29th, 2010

Don’t be afraid Gammi and Grampi, but someone stole your baby girl and replaced her with this little young lady!!!! This Halloween is really scaring everybody with this body snatching stuff!! Just look for your self:

Summer 2010

October 22nd, 2010

Ok, I blinked and half the summer is over, whaaaaaaaa, sniff. It has been a pretty great summer too. Maya and I took off for a much needed summer trip to the Boston to see Gammi and Grampi. Maya planner filled up very quickly with lots of fun play dates. We arrived June 18th and got some much needed rest, as we knew that we would be off for a whirl wind tour. Saturday, June 19th we went to see Uncle Steven perform in Beauty and the Beast. It was fun to see, the music was so good that it rocked Maya to sleep, in Gammi’s comfy arms:

20th For Father’s day, we took Uncle Steven to his camp and hit the outlets in Tiltin, NH to get that out of the way. We borrowed Uncle Steven’s portable DVD player, and decided that this was to be a good investment!!! We grab a quick bite to eat in Gammi and Grampi’s old stomping ground in Portsmouth, NH, then headed on home.

22nd I got a much needed Girl’s night out with Van and Elena at Border Cafe. Good food and conversation is a fun you can always count on with these 2.
Maya hung out with Gammi and Grampi

24th Next brought the Abreau gang in full force. Maya thought that she had gone to heaven when the 4 of them had come over for a swim. They are just as crazy as our family, so Maya felt like they were extended family :) After a good swim, we packed up the whole lot and headed to bonkers. Maya went nuts here. It is a restaurant that has a huge playing area,a arcade, and rides. It is kinda like Chucky Cheese, but more adapted to real small ones. Of course Maya wanted to go on all the rides that were too big for her. She did enjoy Skeeball.

25th Then next day, we went to pick up Uncle Steve at camp, and then headed to Storyland!!! Maya showed her true “Leighness”, when she preferred all the fast crazy rides and wanted nothing to do with the slow boring rides. But, her most favorite was the mist showers all throughout the park. We couldn’t get her out of them; she was a riot!! Again, we had some trouble, when she wanted to go on rides that she was too little for. Next year, we will hit those rides!! I think that we all had as much fun there and she did.

26th We took a quick trip down to the Aunt Stacey and Uncle Mike’s vacation cottage in the Cape. Here Maya took her first boat ride on the Ocean. At first she felt apprehensive about the wind, but a few minutes later, she got the hang of it and loved it. We had a big bbq with all of Uncle Mike’s family. The even bought a special paddle pool for Maya, which she played in the whole afternoon. I have to admit that the jetlag showed its ugly head on me this day and I couldn’t seem to shake it, until I got out on the boat, then it flew away with the wind.

27th Sunday, we visited with the Ameral’s and their big gang. Their beautiful granddaughter Maddy loved taking care of Maya, and I got to eat some awesome kielbasa, yum, one of my favorite that I ate at their house as a young girl. Maya and I had lots of fun swimming with them and Maya enjoyed running after Maddy. I wish that I had neighbors in France, like the ones my parents have in America. The ones that you can drop in on, unexpected! I come from a neighborhood that was loaded with kids and it is nice to see all the kids of those kids. I was lucky to grow up feeling that my neighbors were a sort of extended family!!! I wish I could make them understand how much I treasure them all!!!

OK, I’m getting teary eyed…

28th Maya had her first real restaurant big girl meal with Mrs Harrington and her darling granddaughter Zoe! Mrs Harrington treated us to one of my favorite restaurant’s FRIENDLY’S! Maya had her first grill cheese sandwich and a whole scoop of vanilla ice cream. Maya learned to say ice cream real quick! We had a fun day, but I think that Maya exhausted Zoe with all her energy, Daughter, like Mother! Zoe is quite the little lady!

29th I was lucky enough to connect with an old high school friend, who is one of the kindest people. Lauren and her kids welcomed us to their home. Maya just loved her little girl Ashley. We had a blast in the pool and I think that they probably think that I’m a bit crazy and act like a big kid. When it comes to pools, my whole family becomes fishes, Maya already included!! We chowed down some pizza and afraid that we wouldn’t be able to get together again before they left on vacation, but was happy to find out that another high school friend reached out and invited Maya and me to her July 4th party!!!

1st We were back at Mrs.Harrington to meet little John!! He had as much energy as Maya, but very calm. They had a ball playing in the yard. We got to see his mom too, whom I hadn’t seen in ages. It was nice catching up. Those grandkids are lucky to be able to see their Gammi so often!! I hope that we didnt wear out our welcome!

I think that all the women gave John a headache! LOL! God thing hes gampy came home and save him ;) !!

>Silly Maya

2nd We headed to Maya first beach trip! She loved the huge sandbox and found a great playmate there. The McShane family was sweet enough to invite us to their beach house for the day. We ate some lunch, then headed to the beach! I forgot how much I miss the ocean!! Maya wasn’t to sure about the waves, as they were completely foreign to her. She had only seen pools up to this moment. She even took a nap on her mom, while relaxing on the beach. It was paradise!!

3rd We went to My friend Amy (Lavache) ‘s house for a 4th of July BBQ. It was so good to see my old girl friends. The was Amy Shaperio (Carr), Cathy Young, Lauren, and myself. Whoever said American are obese, hasn’t seen these girls! They looked amazing! I need to get my butt in gear. Anyway, Amy had one of those inflatable castles, end of story. I couldn’t get Maya away from it, unless it was to use the cellar doors as a makeshift slide!!! It was hilarious. Maya and Ashley seemed to really bond that evening! I really enjoyed talking with the girls. I just wished that I had time to get out with them for a grownups girls evening!!! Next time I’m in town girls, look out.
Maya loved the homemade slide she discovered!!

4th Maya got her first taste of an all American event. We went to see the town parade and she just ate it all up!!! I was thrilled to see the return of this event and made me miss home. It was quiet hot out and didn’t last very long at the games at the common. Maya got a hold of a lollipop and enjoyed it very much!!

After, we headed home and Maya played again Maddy again. I loved seeing Mr. and Mrs. Ameral, Ann-Marie and Jeff and their family, and Tony and his kids. It was amazing seeing all the kids so grown up!!

5th The next day Stacey and Mike came up for the day. Maya loved playing with her Auntie Stacey. Auntie Stacey hooked us up with toys to play with, when we hung around the house. They were heaven sent!! It was a nice relaxing day around the pool with all the family!! No fuss, No muss. We had my favorite meal this day! LOBSTER and CLAM CHOWDER!!!! Good as ever! Aunt Stacey made one of the sinfully, best dessert, based on my favorite ice cream sandwiches!!!!!!!!!

Aunty Staceys awesome desserts!!

7th We headed down to Rhode Island for a much needed visit with our almost new mommy member Debbie. She looked so cute pregnant. We got to see her beautiful new house, then headed out for a bite to eat! Then, I FINALLY got to meet her other half Rob, who was very sweet to us! I think that he thinks we are completely wild and insane. It was good practice for him, but he handle Maya like a pro!! Next we did Debbie and my favorite thing, SHOPPING!!!! We hit my favorite store the last 3 years, BabiesRUs! Then, it was time for Maya and I to hit the road! I can’t wait to meet little “Meep” the next time that we are in town.


8th We had a quick lunch with the Abreau gang and tried to do a kids meal, but Maya was more interested in playing with the kids.

Then, Maya and I were off to meet Aunt Stacey and do some tubing with her boat. It was awesome. May step onto the dock like she had been doing it for years!! Climbed onto the boat and was good to go. First, I took a test run to see if I could hold her on the tube with me and found that it was no problem. She cheered me on and laughed, so I knew she would love it. So, She climbed on with me and had a blast!! The only down side is that you feel like you had a colonoscopy when you sit on the tube, yuck! Then headed to Bugaboo Creek, where Maya got to see the talking animals!!

9th Holly and Diana came to our house, so we could keep ourselves cool in the pool. We discovered that we each have a little Diva on our hands. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh?! :) We had a ball. I wish that we had more time together. I cant wait until next year, when maybe more of their family can come and we can fire up the barbeque!

10th We headed out to eat at Bisuteki. I have never gone here, but have wanted to go for years!!! I was NOT disappointed. Maya loved it and could eat enough! I cant wait to take Jean-Marc.

Our last day had the Abreau and Nguyen Gang at our house for a pool day. Im really going to miss them! They certainly always bring a good time with them. You cant help but laugh and have a good time when they are around!!

Bad mommy

October 20th, 2010

I can’t believe that I forgot to post the 23 months stats. Mommy is slacking!! Like Gammi and Grampi always say, “Of all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most.” I can only too well understand that now!! Anyhow, Miss Maya “Bee” Leigh is a whopping:
height: 82 cm or 32 inches
weight: 10.8 kg or 23.8 pounds

You are becoming such a big girl!! You are loads of fun and quite the athlete already!! You do somersaults ever chance you get and somehow, you figured out how to do a handstand in your bed!!!!! Mommy is quite proud that you seem to be following in her foot steps! You love riding ponies! It is always difficult to get you down and get the hat off. Mommy keeps one of your hats on hand, so we can try to do an exchange! lol You also love animals like your mom. You aren’t afraid of too much, but you don’t care for loud noises, but you love music. Whether it be playing an instrument or singing. You love to sing and we can actually here a lot of words now. You and Mommy always sing in the car. Thanks to all the CD Auntie Stacey hooked up us with!!!!!
Your favorite songs are:
Wheels on the bus
I like to eat Apples and Bananas
Sesame Street theme song
Your favorite TV shows and characters are:

Elmo (of course)
Kai Lan (thank you Holly)

But most of all, for awhile now, you love to color and paint!! Mommy prefers wax crayons, but you want the good stuff colored pencils and markers!! Chip off the block.

Goofing around the house

October 18th, 2010

I don’t have enough hours in the day it seems. But, one of my favorite pass times is to watch Maya’s progress. It is an adventure every time. I’m discovering that she is a fearless girly girl. Her coordination and motor skills put the fear of death in me. She does somersaults, handstands in her bed, jumps from one end to the other on anything that bounces (loves trampolines), dancing … Then she loves clothes, purses, and hair accessories, and best of all hats, just like her mom!!


Her other favorite pastime that she can do for hours is color or paint, although the latter she doesn’t get to do as often. She is a regular Picasso! I swear that she is not far from writing!!

Blink, There goes October

October 17th, 2010

This month is flying by. We went down to visit my mother and father-in-law down, near the Aix-en-Provence area, to take in some much needed fresh air. I was especially excited to go to the pumpkin festival. In the end, so was Maya, as she got to take a tour on a pony. I was so happy that I got American style pumpkins (good ole jack-o-lanterns) for a great price.

Pumpkin Inspector

We ate some really tasty pumpkin and squash dishes!!!

We had beautiful weather. Maya had so much fun that it completely wiped her out:

But a few hours later, were burning off some more energy:

Pfitz doesn’t think that the room is the time nor the place for goofing around:

The next day we walk around the grounds of our hotel and was thrilled to see that they had a park just for the little ones. Maya was in heaven:

Later that day, we were looking for somewhere to eat and came across this village that had a organic festival going on! It was adorable. There was a guy playing the banjo and the harmonica, while peddling a little carousel made out of wood for the the little ones.

Then, this weekend was the Halloween Party with the anglophone group here in Grenoble. Maya had a great time, but had a bit of a sugar high. She crashed and burned at the end of the day. Here are a couple of shots from the party:

Today is a sad day for the Leigh Family

October 6th, 2010

October 2, 2010 we lost our dearly beloved Uncle Poppi. I can’t even find the words to express what this lost has done to our family, but I need to write something to mark this day. Born Ashton Alvin Leigh in Gloucester Virginia, was my father’s older brother, my Uncle Ashton, and Maya’s Uncle Poppi! Growing up, we were very fortunate to past lots of Thanksgiving at their house in Virginia, or in the old house in Gloucester, which was very country. I’m not saying I am a city girl, but growing up in suburbia, does not prepare you for a 100 year old house/general store. I do regret not being able to spend more time and learn more about the family’s history, because there is history. I have stories from here and there, but wish that I had written down the details for my children and future children. I hate living so far away that I can’t pop down there, when I want.
I remember going down to Gloucester and passing by a god awful smelling paper-mill. It was fun arriving in a place that I was related to a good pat of the town. We had a great Aunt Sugar, who lived down by the creek, and her house always smelt so good. I remember her being a small woman, but now the memories are becoming less clear. I do remember there always being sweets in the house. I do remember a cousin of my Dad living next door that had a grand-daughter my age, and got along with well. A long ago memory of a LEIGH family reunion occurred with banjo and all. There were oysters and clams. I got pushed into the creek, but was deathly afraid of the jelly fish and barley touched the water, before jumping out. I did love going out on the boats. Uncle Poppi had a yellow boat called the Melanie. I wish that I had visited more often, when I was grown up, but we can’t go back in time.
Uncle Poppi was a soft spoken man, with the best southern accent. He as a big old teddy bear, but I don’t think that I would have wanted to see him wound up. I loved seeing him and my dad together, but these last couple of years has been the best. It was awesome to see them talking to each other like two kids. A new found friendship. They finally found the time to enjoy each other. I’m glad that they found the time. Even our families finally took the time to visit and I can never thank them enough or tell them how much I love and appreciate all that they did. It was fun for me to see that there are some really strong LEIGH traits that we all carry.

Aunt Busha, Melanie, Leigh, Clare, and Perry we love you all so much and I can’t even imagine your pain. I feel the lost so much, so it must be 100 times more for you all. I hate being so far away, but I will come and visit Uncle Poppi as soon as I return to America.

We love and miss you Uncle Poppi:

I will try to keep adding to this, as I discover more information about the Leigh Family.

Venezia, Italia

October 5th, 2010

So, I finally made it to Venice, Italy. It was definitely worth the visit. It help that hubby reserved an apart/hotel that had a Jacuzzi bathtub. Maya enjoyed it immensely, as did her mom. We took off Thursday night, September 23 and came back Tuesday morning. We had great weather, until the last day, where it rained like cats and dogs.
So, why Venice, now? I had to take a flight, in order to keep the frequent flier miles that I have accumulated over the years, and I have always wanted to go to Venice, Italy. They had a pretty decent price for the tickets and Maya can still fly for free, so we were off to Venice.
Before leaving, the meteorologist kept announcing rain for our whole trip, with chances of flooding, so we packed for all sorts of weather (Due to a bad experience last year in Germany, were the weather was more like fall in the middle of July and I only had summer clothes for Maya and myself). When we got there, we were greeted by very warm weather!! So, the trip was off to a good start. Daddy also was wise and invested in a new luxury baby backpack carrier!!!! This was one of his best ideas yet. TIP: In Venice, you walk, and walk, and walk! If you have a little one, strollers are useless here, as there a bridges everywhere to access each area of the island. Otherwise, it is by boat. Good walking shoes are important too.

The first day, we walked around the main island and took in the surroundings. Maya and I followed Daddy, as he is the human map. We ate at a good little restaurant. Took a little gondola ride from one side of the channel to the other. This was good enough for me, as this only cost 1 compared to the 80 for a 30 minute ride. We enjoyed our first scoops of delicious Italian gelato!! The three of us are very big fans of real Italian ice cream!!! I am having trouble finding the ice cream pics, but her are a couple from our first day.

The next day, we took a quick trip to Murano, where there is glass blowing, and visited the glass museum, although, we didn’t actually see any glass blowing. We decided to head back to the main land and visit Piazza San Marco. Jean-Marc wander inside, but I stayed outside with Maya. They make you turn in your bags, which I thought, Oh great, so if she makes a mess in her diaper, Oh well??? I wasn’t about to run back through the museum to get the bag. You would think that they would make accept ion for babies, so Maya and I hung outside.

Whach you lookin at, punk

Some pretty narrow passages

Maya being very generous and sharing

Some galoshes or rain boats can be helpful

Someone is all tuckered out

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