Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Christmas in the air

December 24th, 2010

I was going through my pictures and realize how badly I was slacking on updating the blog!!! We continue to have quite the busy schedule. I have really been enjoying this holiday season with Maya.
Here she is being silly:

Pfitzy getting into the holiday season, or not

Aren’t they just so cute, when they sleep?

She celebrated her friend Olivier’s 2nd birthday twice and had a ball both times!!
The party that they celebrated at the Tot’s English speaking group, had so many kids from 3months -3 years! Maya sat next to one little girl that had the same love for Cheerios, as herself. Maya at one point needed to verify that the little girls were not better than hers.

At the party, they ran, played, yelled, and just had a plain good old time!! She was very happy; since she got to eat some chocolate cake. Although, she couldn’t resist the temptation to dig her fingers into the frosting. She gets her manners from her dad, lol… But, it seems that she is like her mom with her love for chocolate cake.
I need to snag some pictures from his Mommy’s site for mine. I was lazy with the camera that day, guilty!!

Next, we had a Christmas party that was a huge success, except dummy Mommy forgot all the cameras!! We’ll blame it on age (rolling eyes) I made some of Daddy’s favorite cookies for the fte, but I totally forgot to take a picture of them!!! They are called “Sabls” that his mom makes each Christmas. I guess that I will have to make some more, so you can see what they look like.

We tried our first “ABCanglais” group, that does songs and a craft around the theme of the class that day, which of course was Christmas. It was quite fun. Maya’s friend Olivier was there as well. After, Maya and I, with Olivier and his parents took a stroll to the Christmas Market in the center of town, were we grab some roasted chestnuts, looked at the stands, then let the kids play in the park. They had a ball. They even saw Santa Claus and what looked like one of Snow White’s elves. Maya wasn’t very excited to see them, but definitely enjoyed the chocolate that they gave her. France is very big on chocolate during the holidays! Then we all ate lunch together at Subway, where Jean-Marc joined us. It was such a nice day, with some people that I really enjoy to be around! They are really some of the nicest people

I am in the process of finishing the Nanny’s gift; nothing like finishing at the last possible moment.

Coming over fears

December 12th, 2010

Maya conquering her fear of santa:

My Holiday princesses

December 7th, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy. Our holiday season starts pretty much with Mayas birthday, and it seems like that it non-stop from there. We had a nice Thanksgiving meal, and then we had Saint Nicolas this weekend. I had the prettiest 2 snow princess all ready for St. Nics arrival. They were hilarious, as they loved being dressed alike; especially Miss Maya!!! She refused to wear something that Johanna wasnt or would hand me the item that was missing from her ensemble. She loved having a big sister for the weekend. Not only did they have the same dresses, but they had the same pajamas, thanks to Gammi . I have to admit that I had a blast having two girls for a weekend.

Two peas in a pod. They had a little sleepover at Omi’s house. They really are too cute!

We had a nice little spa day again, with long tubby, hair, and nails

The dresses that the girls are wearing were made by yours truly. I hope to produce much more!!!

There were 6 little girls, and it was canny that each girl had another girl here age. Maya had a distant cousin Jose who is the same age is Maya. Johanna (7) had Jose’s older sister Adle 6, and Jose’s other sister Suzon and Deva coming in at 3. Maya was a little jealous when Johanna played with Adle, but soon started to play with all the girls.

Even Pfitzauf enjoyed all the attention that evening. All the girls loved him

Here are all the guest that evening.

One of my favorite part is the sit down dinner the next day. These people are like my extended family. We have always gotten together at this time for the last 14 years!!

Some quick images of Maya enjoying all the snow that we got already in the mountains!!

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