Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Christmas 2010

January 9th, 2011

My Little Bee amazes me!
Let me start from the beginning. This Christmas was started at home in Grenoble with just Mommy, Daddy, Pfitzauf, and Maya. We started the festivities with the traditional opening of Christmas pajamas, which started when mommy was just a baby, on Christmas Eve! Maya not only had one, but 3 pairs. Of course the cookie monster and Elmo PJs were a hit, but the snowman seemed more fitting for Christmas.

While waiting for Santa to come, mommy and daddy finish packing, as we were all going to the ski station Praz sur Arly for a week, with a quick side trip to Omi and Grand-Pres house.

First, we were relieved that Santa came with his loot!! It was sure, as Europe was drowning in snow, causing delays everywhere. But, to our relief, Santa was his usual over generous self. Maya was spoiled rotten, but it was fun to see her enjoying herself! It is hard to say which gift was the biggest hit. I will have to consult daddy.

After opening gifts and some last minute packing, we took off to Omi and Grand-Pres house. There we joined by all of Mayas cousins from Daddys side. Maya was thrilled. Actually, I think that Mayas favorite gift was having her cousin Johanna sleepover in the same room! Those two really love each other. All the cousins seemed to really enjoy themselves!

The next day, we took off for Praz sur Arly and was joined by Mayas godfather Uncle Fiffine, whos real name is Frederic. He and daddy did some skiing, while you and mommy did some shopping the first day. The next day, we were joined by Omi and Grand-Pre, who stayed for a couple days. They were even so generous and allow mommy, daddy, and Fiffine to do some skiing together. Mommy is a bit rusty, but hopes to address that problem soon. You sure did enjoy spending time with Omi and Grand-Pre. As soon as they left, our friends Coco and his wife Olga came for a visit. It is always an interesting and funny time when Coco is around. They ended up staying and celebrating New Years with us, as well as some friends, Evgeny and his girlfriend who came in from Russia for the fte! It was a good time with lots of champagne and good food! I introduced them all to Clam Chowder and lobster dipped in butter. They all seemed to really enjoy it.

During the week Maya master a few sports during our vacation! Maya took to the ice, like a duck to water!!!! We had her on double blades and Mommy and Daddy took her for a couple of spins. After awhile, Maya was only holding on to one hand and skating/walking along, then she did it all by herself. Just like in her Kai-Lan video!

After all our guest left, we had a nice relaxing evening. Jean-Marc and Fiffine got in one last day of ski, then came home and we all went to ski and do some sledding with Maya. She seemed to really enjoy the skiing, but the dang ski wouldn’t stay attached to her feet. They were plastic ski that are suppose to be for small ones, as ski boots don’t seem to come in her sizes. We are still on the look out. After, we did some crazy fun sledding. I sacrificed a pair of ski pants :) LOL. Then we headed home and started to pack. It was a nice week and hope to do it again in March!!

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