Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Oh My Goodness, the neglect

February 14th, 2011

Oh My Goodness, the neglect
Well, let me tell you, Miss Maya Bee is quite the social bee. She has a jammed packed schedule that I can barely keep up with!!
Let us start off with the latest statistics:
Height: 87 cm = 34 in.
Weight: 12.3kg = 27 lbs
Since the last I wrote, we have had birthday parties, play dates, House warming parties, Skiing, sledding, ice skating, swimming, Chinese New Year,… We are especially excited that she is taking to skiing like a real pro and gets a kick out of it! But, I am getting ahead of myself.
I was looking through my pictures to recall exactly what we have been doing, and the pictures, like this past month are a blur. Literally, my pictures are blurry from a certain someone moving so quickly.
Exhibit A:

We started the beginning of January with Jena-Marc celebrating his birthday. He had is traditional “Galette des Rois”, yummy, as his birthday falls on Epiphany and is celebrated with this cake!!! It is a cake that has loads of butter and a creamy almond base filling.
Then it seemed that Miss Bee schedule took over. We had tons of play dates and Maya loved having the company. Then we celebrated her friend Kimi’s birthday and they seemed to have a ball. They were only three, but they had so much energy, it seemed like more. They did the usual cake and candy, then we headed to the park where they had an excellent and fun time.

Next, we are lucky to have some Chinese/American friends. She was kind enough to organize a celebration for the kids and they had a ball. After, we tried to find a restaurant that celebrating the New Year, but we didn’t have much luck. We ended having a good meal at a Chinese Restaurant. We even did some shopping at the local Chinese Store and got some yummy stuff that we ended up eating that evening! It was delicious! We had the Elmo twins dancing and playing up a storm! They both love the same stuff, Elmo, Kai-Lan (yes, we recruited new followers), cars … They had a ball together.

Maya doing the dragon dance -Up like a dragon, down like a dragon, wiggle like a dragon , flap like a dragon

Score! Money!!!!

The Elmo twins, except mine lost her drawers!!

Then, believe it or not, we started visiting schools for Maya in September, ugh. Schools are a bit different here, than in the states. A lot less grass and the buildings are a lot older than the ones that I grew up with. We found a definite contender, a Montessori school, and it even has a yard with grass. The only problem is that the building could use a little help. Makes my stomach flip, thinking how fast time is passing.
We then celebrated my good friend Cecile “Housewarming” party. We had some of the best food! She makes the best Vietnamese food ever! I can’t believe that we all forgot to take pictures! She bought Maya an authentic traditional Vietnamese outfit. Maya wore one in blue and their little girl wore one in pink. Again, I can’t believe that we forgot a picture!!

Then the big day arrived when Maya tried out her first pair of real new skis!!!!! We went for a weekend to Vald’Isere

Then we had a crazy, fun day sledding, or as our British friends say, “sledging”. I’m not sure, who had more fun, the kids or the parents. Here is some pictures and a video from the day. We ended up sledding for about 2 hours!!

Maya and I had one great run

Here are some random shots from the last month!!

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