Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

April is the new summer?

April 28th, 2011

It seems like the last few years that April is hot and dry like summer. I’m not complaining, since Maya and I have been totally enjoying the outdoors! I was especially grateful for the nice weather, as we had our big Easter Egg Hunt with the Open House Grenoble group. I was so happy to see that so many people came to participate. Maya loved running around outside. I still can’t believe that I forgot the camcorder!?! I have had a bit on my mind lately and will likely share with all quite soon. Anyway, I was kind of sad Saturday, as I realized that this was the last time that I maybe seeing a lot of these people, because most of people in Open House are expats from everywhere. Also, we have no President for next year. The current President, Veronica, is amazing! Her organizing of events was what made me join Open House. We will be very sad to see her go! I am on the board as membership secretary, since I don’t have more time to do more. I hope that with my fellow board members that we can keep most of the kids activities going. I’m disappointed to see that others didn’t volunteer for a position. At least Maya and my last events was a blast! Hopefully, I can snag some pictures from the other moms and dads.

The following day Maya we enjoyed a nice lunch at Maya’s Uncle Fififfine’s house. We got their early and went to his local pool, where of course there is a huge slide that Maya Couldn’t get enough of!!! Then relaxing outside while Uncle Fififfine fired up the grill, while waiting for the other guest to arrive. It was so much fun and relaxing! The other guest was Maya’s good friend Manon and her parents. The girls had a blast playing, which allowed the grown ups to talk and have a lot of fun!

Hanging with Omi and Grandpre

April 6th, 2011

Last weekend, Omi and Grandpre stopped by for the weekend.

Maya and Grandpere relaxing. Maya is in a phase that she likes to think that she can read.

We had a beautiful day Saturday, and went up to the Bastille for lunch. Before we took off, Maya played with her favorite thing, BUBBLES! She loves them and can always find where I hide them.

Bubbles, please.

More Bubbles, please

Just getting ready to go.

Pfitzaufs favorite place, under foot. You can be sure that he lets you know where he is and not to forget that he wants to come too.

But of course, someone slips away and wants 5 more minutes in her ball pool.

We took the “Balls” gondola up to the restaurant that give the most incredible view of the city.

After lunch, we walked down the mountain. Good way to walk off dinner.

Park pit stop

Snack break

One last rock, before we go.

Pfitzaufs water break

Taking the scooter for a whirl

Someone suckered Omi into blowing a few bubbles

Stop doing my hair, I can do it myself.

Dinner time. Finger, lickin, good.

Again, we like the Daddys computer.

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