Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

I know, No excuse!

May 16th, 2011

Let see, it has been absolutely crazy, mad busy around here!! I don’t even know where to begin! Jean-Marc was laid off and has decided to start a company of his own. Please don’t ask me to describe it, as I can’t. As of June 1, 2011, I will be laid off as well!!! But this is a good thing, as I think that I am about to embark on a new adventure and start my own company designing unique clothes for young girls. I still have a lot to investigate, but it is extremely scary and exciting at the same time. I’m still in the building phase.

Besides that, Maya and I have been the social butterflies as usual. We had friends Peio and Manon over to play and eat lunch. It was a lot of fun and fun to catch up with each other. Then Manon and her parents stayed for dinner. It is crazy how big the kids are getting! They were so good together.

That weekends we did our usual pool thing and did the slide a hundred times. Sunday, was the French Labor day (we so got jipped), we went Aix les Bains for a little boat ride. I don’t think that Maya and Pfitz cared for it too much. Too slow and unexciting for Maya, and plain to hot for Pfitz. Of course, I forgot my camera!!! Getting old stinks, lol!

Whenever we get a chance, we hang out with Maya and my friends Olivier and Annie! We can’t get enough of them!! Maya and Olivier have a lot of the same interests, as well as the moms. They are such positive people and I love being around them! I have become a cynical, since I have been living in France. I hope that she can tolerate me, until I change!

This past weekend, we took a ride up to into the Vercors to go swimming in the wave pool. There was hardly anyone there, so we had a great time riding the waves and going up the slide a million times. We were all exhausted after, and Maya and I took a nice long nap. Then Maya Uncle Fiffine came over for dinner. It was good to see him, since we all seem to be busy lately.

Sunday, we visited with our friends Arnaud, Nobuko, and Thomas. It had been ages and was nice to catch up.

This past weekend we went to visit a farm. Maya not only loved seeing the animals, but we had a good down poor that left some serious puddles, so she had a field day being dressed in rain clothes! She loved getting up on the horse, but was a bit perturbed when she gave it a kick that it wouldn’t move. I did find out that she is afraid to hold a chicken! She would touch it, but wasn’t too keen on holding it. She was happy to see her friend Aven that she gets to see at these English group gatherings. She was walking down the hill with me, only to realize that she stayed up on the hill; Maya ran all the way back up the hill to be with her! it was so cute. After visit the farm and animals, we had a great snack of homemade and local food and drinks. We had a really great time and we are thankful to Lindsay for organizing and inviting us!

Some snapshots:
Maya friend Aven

If only the horse would move, it would be more fun!

Maya and Olivier digging into the good stuff

The kids had a blast feeding the chickens, patting the bunnies, calves, pigs, and dogs!

Other than that, I have gone back to the gym and still go to my tap class. So, I’m staying real busy. I just wish the pounds would come off faster, but it feels great to be getting back on my feet.

Here are a couple of random, but so fun and crazy photos of my little Bee:

AS you can see, it is almost impossible to get her to stand still for one second, to take a picture :)

Maya in her “Abby” outfit. It is actually a beautiful Vietnamese outfit that she got from her special friend Kim Mai:

Maya also got to meet Kim Mai new little Ethan, but she wasn’t to interested in the baby. We spent the morning with them and had a nice lunch.

Happy Easter 2011

May 1st, 2011

For Easter this year, we went to Az for the weekend and celebrated it with Omi, Grand-Pre, Daddy, Mommy, Pfitzauf, and cousin Johanna. Maya was thrilled to see Johanna and have a weekend filled of dressing alike. They are so cute together. Reminds me of when I was little and my parents would play cards with our neighbors and all the kids would have a sleep over in our downstairs! What great memories and I hope that I can create the same type of great memories for my precious little Bee.
Friday, we got into Aze and went to visit the family friend’s new pastry/chocolate/bread shop. Alls that I can say is YUM!!!! If anyone every comes for a visit, we have to take a ride to his shop!

I have to mention that while I am writing this I am watching a French/Belgian phenomenon, Johnny Hallyday. This guy has a magic that you can’t deny and has been around forever. There is nobody like him. The dude is still recording and performing hit records. If you ever get a chance, give him a listen.

Ok, back to our weekend. Saturday, we headed to the pool, but was sad to see that the slide was close. Thank goodness, we had Johanna, who kept Maya completely entertained. We stayed for an hour and half of pure swimming. We all took a that afternoon after lunch, but woke up to take the girls for a pony ride. Take a look at the pictures; Maya had fun, but has lost the fear factor and almost looks bored. She wouldn’t let anyone hold her and she held on with only one hand!!!! She is a natural with animals.

Easter morning, we went to Divertiparc that was ok. At first, we didn’t really understand the park, but after the initial let down, we actually really enjoyed ourselves. They had life size board games, which were out of Maya’s league. But, they had a trampoline and tricycles that she absolutely adored. Not to mention a giant swing that could hold five. They had a lot of different com breeds. Those suckers are really starting to grow on me. They have the most tender eyes. We had some lunch, then headed on home, to see if the Easter Bunny had stopped by. Man, did he ever! The girls had a blast running around the yard looking for chocolate eggs. I think that the Easter Bunny needs to be a bit more healthy next year, but we will see.


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