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Been Quiet

January 14th, 2012

Sorry for the silence on our blog, but man have we been busy!!!! It has been non-stop since Maya’s birthday! We took a short hop over to the states for some work stuff for me and Thanksgiving with the family. It was made even shorter by the fact that I fell down my folks steps and was laid up at home for a few days. NOT in my planning, which is down to the minute. Anyway, it was great to celebrate Maya’s first official American Thanksgiving with the family at Auntie Stacey’s, plus celebrate her birthday with the family! Plus, have a few photo opportunities with Santa! Wish we could have stayed longer! Although, it was fun to start a new tradition of watching Polar Express after Thanksgiving meal that I totally intend to keep up over her.

We came back to a whirl wind of activities!!!
We started off with Omi’s annual St Nicolas Party to kick off the Christmas Season. Maya had a ball with all the other kids, especially her cousin’s “Richard” from Paris!

Next she had her Christmas party at her Gymnastic program. It was so much fun! The parents were even able to participate. It is so cute; I think that Maya has a little crush on her gym teacher.

Then, we were off to her school Christmas Party. The teacher had them sing a song, but only Maya sang. Figures that the only non-French speaking child sings! All that singing with Mommy finally paid off ;)

Continuing on partying at the OpenHouse Christmas Party. It is the English speaking association, where I am on the board. It was so much fun. It was great because it was warm enough outside to have the kids run off some of that sugar high!!!!!!!!

Then, we were packing our bags again to take off skiing!! Maya’s Uncle Fiffine invited us up to ski for a week in Morzine France. I fell totally in love with this area and would love to stay there! Maya took real ski lessons and she did an amazing job!!! She even got to ski with her Daddy and did a great job! I even got to ski a bit
Maya skating with her Uncle Fiffine

We went home for just a day to unload and reload. We were off again for Az for Christmas. Maya was happy to see her cousin Joanna. Maya got some nice gifts, but I think that her favorite was her vanity mirror with accessories. But her “Tinkerbell” stuff was a close second.

Here is some of my handy work, mommy and me pjs!

Again, we were off for Paris. We went to stay with some dear friends Nico and his wife Olga and daughter Ava. They have a beautiful house just on the outskirts of Paris. We took advantage of our stay in Paris to go to Disneyland. Unfortunately, Disneyland was missing their magic that day, sniff :( The park was way too pack; I think due to attraction and restaurants being closed. We actually had to witness a physical altercation while waiting in line for one of the attraction At least the parade was good and Maya really enjoyed it.

We then went to visit the “Richard” gang in Paris!!!! Maya loved having 3 girls to play with. It was great to see them! We always love spending time with them. Again, luck was not on our side and Maya had a poltergeist moment and spewed all over their floor. They were so nice about it, but I think that it started a stomach flu epidemic, yikes.

We took a quick day trip to the English Channel coast to the city of “La Trport”, where we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary with a HUGE seafood platter and it was divine!!!!!

The following day, we hung out in Paris We just walked around and took in the sites. Maya and I took a spin on the carousel, which was free!! Then, she took a jump on the trampolines in the park. It was a nice day.

We then celebrated New Years eve with Nico and Olga and her family. It was a lovely dinner. The next day, we woke up to Jean-Marc with the stomach bug. Which wasn’t great, as we were leaving that day to go home. Thank goodness we took a pit stop in Az, so Jean-Marc was able to get some much needed rest.

We finally made it home in one piece. It was great to get home, but we had a great holiday season!!!! Hope you did too.

Biz, Sharon

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