Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

The Next Lindsay Vonn

February 21st, 2012

Daddy had a hard time keeping up :)

Dear Maya Bee

February 21st, 2012

Dear Maya Bee,
You are 3 years, 3 months. You change so much everyday! You have now been in school at the Montessori “aide moi faire seul” for 4 months and love it. You go 4 days a from 8:30 to 16:30. You have a 2 boyfriends, but only one is your real sweety! His name is Gaspard and it is so much fun watching your friendship grow with him. You two look for each other every morning and always walk away hand in hand. I really need to take a snap shot of this! Thank goodness we have Gaspard, or you would never each your lunch! Also, when we have a, let us say, difficult morning, we can always count of him to make you feel better and even helps you put you shoes on.

You are speaking French, but only speak English when Mommy is present, and understand both of them perfectly. It is amazing. You LOVE arts and crafts and love music. Your favorites to sing are Girlfriend from Avril Lavigne and Single Ladies by Beyonce. Chip off the ole block! You even dance to Single Ladies, but Camera shy every time we try to film.

Another favorite of yours is sports! You currently do gymnastics, pony back riding, and skiing. We would have loved for you to do dance class, but we were not able to find a school. So you boogie at home with Mommy to Pink, Beyonce, etc. They keep you quite busy. You are doing extremely well at gymnastics and bounce all over the place. Pony, you do well, but sometimes have a hard time listening, as it is after school on Tuesdays and kinda gets late for you, especially during the winter. Skiing has become a special time for you and Daddy. You a progressing so much faster than any of us could imagine!! You are already going down small hills by yourself. Outstanding! We still get in some swimming, but mostly you and daddy do that while Mommy is at softball practice.

You have the curliest hair now. Something that was totally unexpected for Mommy. It is so cute. Mommy had to reach out to her great friend Holly, who is the Curly hair queen. Your eyes are as blue as the sky and are going through glasses a lot less. You weigh 14 kg, about 31 lbs. Need to measure you, as you seem to have grown a lot in just the pass few months!!!

You have a social schedule that is hard to keep up with! With lots of birthday parties and play dates. You love being with lots of kids! You love coping the older girls, which is quite cute.

You love Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse and now, Shaun the Sheep. You still like Elmo, Kia Lan, Abby, and Pocoyo. You starting to get into princesses a bit. You like to dress up in costumes. You love to pretend fly like Tinkerbell or a Bee. You even buzz like a bee.

You have a lot of character and are always entertaining!!!

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