Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Dear Maya

April 27th, 2012

Hi Maya Bee,
Lets see, you are exactly 3 years, 5 months and 14 days old. Time is just whisking by.
Ok, lets see, your favorite foods are tomatoes, Ikea meatballs, pizza, soft ice cream, and whipped cream (which you also call ice cream.
Since I last wrote, you have become quite the little skier and really enjoy it. We ask you, if you want to go and you are always excited to go. This has become a nice little outing for you and Daddy, as Mommy got hurt playing softball and is finished skiing for the season.

Come on Daddy, Keep Up!!!!!!

Speaking of softball, you and Daddy are Mommy’s biggest fan and the best cheerleader. You have inherited Mommy’s big lungs! Go Go Grizzlys!

You love school and are really making a lot of friends. Your best friends are Gaspard and Tommuso, but two others have now joined Marius and Lena, who happen to be our neighbors! While Mommy was hurt and immobilized, Daddy took you to the park next to our house and discovered that Marius lives next door to us. He has become very fond of you and always wants to come home with us, after school. You celebrated Mardi Gras dressed as a cheerleader, as the theme was “Children of the World”. Each child was to dress in clothes of their origins.

Maya’s Best Bud Gaspard

March was pretty uneventful, as Mommy apparently doesn’t know how to slide anymore. Recovery is slow, but steady.

To start off the Easter season, the OpenHouse had their annual Egg Hunt, which we were blessed again with great weather!! You had a ball again this year. You made some cute Bunny Bags, which were then filled with awesome junk!! You got a twirly whirly flier and mini magnified glasses.

Before you know it, you are on school vacation again!! Every other month, you have two weeks vacation. This vacation started off with a trip to Az at Omi’s to celebrate Easter, and boy did we celebrate. First, You and your pajama twin, received some fresh new tinkerbell pjs via Gammie Leigh in the states. You also sported some really nice clothes from Gammie too. She hooked you up with tinkerbell apparel and accessories. Those are your favorite.
We then participated in three Easter egg hunts. The first was at a very castle that had planted a labyrinth. They gave egg cartons that were decorated by the local kids, and find siw eggs to fill it. Your cousins Johanna, Julien, and their new pooch Aslan tagged along for the fun. We had nice weather, which was not normally in the forecast, so we were pretty happy. After, Maya played with Omi on the swings and we all just hung outside in the yard. It was nice and relaxing.

The next day, the Easter bunny came by Omi’s house and boy was he generous. Even Pfitzauf and Aslan got in on the hunt. Then we had a nice dinner.

Finally, We found the golden egg! Just kidding; we did the annual egg hunt at Pierre Clos and found a decorated egg. There are only 16 special eggs and the rest are regular real eggs that you find in exchange for 5 small chocolate eggs and portion of omlet. For the decorated egg, you received a big chocolate chicken. Daddy first spotted and then you did. We arrived early this year, which is why we were lucky to have found it. Weather was a bit chilly and drizzly. The omlet was great again!
That evening, Aunt Elizabeth invited all the relatives that were in the area for an apritif dinatoir. There was the Richards, Dominique, Michel, Thomas, Elodie, and their kids Adel, Suzon, and Josee. The Lenormands, Omi, Grandpere, Us, Valerie, Julien, Johanna, Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Francoise, Olivia and her kids, Ilona, Camille, and Dimitri. We had a lot of fun seeing everyone!!
During the rest of the week, you did some swimming, went to the local carnival, did some sliding at Elfie with Olivier, ate good noodles at Auntie Annie’s, had lunch with lots of friends at Ikea. You also did some skiing, which you are doing so well now!
April 14th, we went to the big stadium to see our local Rugby team play and qualify for the big leagues with the win that day!!! Ici, Ici, C’est Grenoble!! You had fun waving your flag and yelling, and so did Mommy. Uncle Fifinne came along for the match too. It was a great time!!

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