Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation and this doesn’t even include June AND July!!

August 2nd, 2012

OK, so I started writing my blog page, and lost the words that I had written, and for the life of me, can’t remember. So, here we go again…

Life is running by, as fast as Maya runs, which she does everywhere!!
So, it seems that I was writing abouts Maya’s vacation, and here I am writing about her vacation again. We had Easter vacation? which we spent in Aze.:

Pfitzauf’s new cousin

We went to a Rugby match that Jean-Marc and every other French person said that she was to young to go to, and as usual “WRONG”! She had a ball! Ici, Ici, c’est Grenoble.

Then, we went for the first time to the carnival that they have in Grenoble for the last 78 years! I was really surprised that it was a lot of fun!

As usual, we hung out with one of her best buds, Olivier and ate some yummy chili!!!

She had cookie time with Ian and friends

A nice rainbow came out over the city

Maya hasn’t figured out yet that she has curly hair. She insisted that I put curlers in her hair for her pictures. She loves wearing them.

Right when we get back to school, we are on a long weekend for Labor day(May 1st in France).
Then, we headed the next day to the huge central park in Lyon, “le tte d’or”. This park is amazing!

We had the Nuiry family over for dinner. Maya is a bit envy of her BFF Gaspard, as he has two older sisters that Maya adores. They were all so cute, raiding Maya’s dress up closet and dressing the two tots!

We went to our Local park, which has a train that she loves the train. Just make sure you block your ears, when going through the tunnel. Again, she has her mom’s lungs!

Again, on vacation, so we headed down south
-seal playing with her and the other kids, but I need to load the video, when I find it!

-she was a princess of a castle with her Daddy.




Gymnastic Recital
The Gymnastic School

Merlin was her Theme

My softball/baseball club had a big BBQ, and we had a blast. Even Daddy played a bit! I am so glad that I found them!

Then her school put on a show, but I have more videos, than pictures. It was warm, but lots of fun:

New specs that she picked out by herself!!

Last Day of her first year of school (Petit Section Maternelle) She is now bilingual speaking in both French and English. I let her help put together her outfit :)

Summer Fun

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