Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

1st Dance Recital

May 26th, 2013

So yesterday was Maya first dance recital! She had two numbers that she had to perform. She did great, but had a little moment of bossiness, as a girl was not in her place and Maya needed to correct her, ha ha. Then, all was pretty much good to go. She seemed to have a lot of fun.

Her first number was to the new Tinkerbell movie. She was great! She even had a very tiny solo, where we finally figured out why she says “I win” all the time, as that is what she has to say in the dance!!!!! Here are a couple of picks, but it was really dark, so it was difficult to get good photos. I wish that I had a better picture of her makeup. They had professional makeup artist and Maya had a really pretty butterfly on the side of her one eye. The organization of the show was not like in the States, nor the costumes, but it was till lots of fun.


Her second dance number was space.

And for your enjoyment:

Maya’s first horse show

May 23rd, 2013

So, Maya pony farm had a huge lunch with all the members, then normally there was a horse presentation from the students and the teachers. At the last minute, they ask Maya to join the show! She was very excited.
Here is some video from her presentation. She is the tiny one on the white little pony:


Dear Maya Bee

May 1st, 2013

Hi Cookie,
Your growing up has brought a busy schedule that makes it hard to find a moment to catch everybody up. You are 4 years, 5 months, and 26 days. Yikes! You are becoming such a big girl. Your hair is a beautiful light chestnut brown color and has the most beautiful curls! You have eyes like your mom, but a bit bluer. You are now speaking French and English quite well! It is awesome how you can express in both language, if someone ask you.

Your current favorite toys are your little my little pony dolls, books that you like to “read” before you go to sleep (nice Leigh trait), v-tech (a hand console game), board games (although you are starting to cheat a little), anything princess, and the Wii. You still love arts and crafts, but wish we could find more time to do it. But, your most favorite thing is to play outside. You love your swing set, scooter, bike, and play in sand or dirt!!! We will soon be putting up your trampoline again and your pool.

As I said, you have a very busy schedule! You take dancing, hip hop, and have your recital coming up soon. You have two numbers that you will be performing, one is Tinkerbell and the other is x-files. I so can’t wait to see it!!!! You are still doing pony riding and gymnastics, and still enjoy them too.

School is going well. You had a carnival and decided to be a Bee princess. It seems that you had fun.

You also got to go to a Fire station!!! There you got to climb into the truck, try on a fireman’s helmet, and skirt the water hose. You really liked that!

We took a quick ski weekend in Chamonix (largest mountain in Europe) and had an unbelievable day skiing!!! Snow was great and sun was shining. You are seriously going to be the next Lindsay Vonn; you have no fear! We went skiing with Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Fiffine, and you:

Then, we made our way to Az for Easter.

Guess what, since I last wrote, you were on vacation, and your on vacation again.
We spent lots of time catching up and playing with yours and mommy’s friends. We had AMAZING weather!!! We hung out with Peio, Alice and Matilda, took a run with mommy and her softball team, had dance class, pick some tulips, then went away for the weekend with you BFF Elise and her family!

We just finished up the ski season this weekend. I can’t believe how good of a skier that you have become!!! Although, you did smack your backside good the two weeks ago, but that hasn’t made you afraid to take a little jump. Your last day of skiing was with daddy and your BFF Elise and her daddy. They were quite impressed with you skills! So, now we will pack away the skis until November.

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