Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

On Vacation, again!!

March 31st, 2014

Every time that I write a post, we seem to be coming off a vacation! We been hitting the slopes pretty hard.  I am happy to say that Mommy is finally found her ski legs!  We had a great family vacation, all together on the slopes.  I got some videos, but it probably won’t happen to often, without a GoPro camera.  She is almost faster than Mommy, and will be soon.  I need to my two hands to keep my balance.  Here is the last video that I took during our vacation in Val d’Isere:

Here is the months of February and March in a flash:

Stylin’ in Chamonix:

Loves her FCG Rugby team:

 Silly Girl:

Miss Lego:

Always can use a bit of makeup :)

Maya’s princess Mulan dress.  She loves to dress up:

A little hot chocolate time with mommy:

Val d’Isere baby:

Deuxieme Etoile! Second Star Medal:

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