Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

OH Picnic at the parc

August 13th, 2011

OK, I’m not a very good blogger, when I go to the states for vacation. I need to recollect my thoughts and put them here with the pictures, but not today. Today, I am writing about a wonderful day that we passed at the park in th center of town. We went to Parc Paul Mistral, which is located in the center of the city, next to our old apartment. We used to go all the time with Pfitzauf, as the have a park just for dogs, where they can run free without a leash.
Anyway, I organized a day at the park to meet up with the Open House moms, so the kids could play, then hang around for lunch. First, we played in the playground area, where the moms got to see a little of my protective side. Friends at home know what I am like… So, There was one of our kids coming down the slide (I), but didn’t get off, another kid came down, then Maya. Well, the kid behind the first got annoyed and kick (I) off the slide, (I) got mad and tapped (not hard) the other kid. Well, the kids mother grab (I) by the arm and lifted him off the ground. I saw the whole thing happen, (I) mom didn’t. So, you know me, I gave that mom a few things to think about…. The OH moms were grateful that I was on their side. The nerve of some people, honestly.

So, after that little episode, things got back to fun. The kids continued to play, then the TRAIN opened up for the day!!!!! The kids fell in love with this! It was a real little train on tracks, with a tunnel and everything. We took a couple of tours on the train, next we had to get the kids off to eat lunch. Now this was not fun! The kids wanted to go go go on that little train. But, we finally manage to get them off and sit down to some picnic. It was a beautiful day. We finished the day with one last round on the train, this time I went.

I’ve got my ticket!!!!

Wiggle time for BFF Olivier and Maya

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  1. Annie says

    I love your train photos! Especially the one of the two doing the Wiggles fingers dancing thingie. Ian looks like he wants to learn it.

    10:23 | #

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