Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Still a princess

June 30th, 2008

Went for our latest ultrasound today, and everything seems to be aok!! We had the scare that many pregnant women go through; I had to take the “triple test”, which is a very non-evasive test that may indicate that the developing baby has Trisomy 21( Down syndrome), Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome) or another type of chromosome abnormality. It seems to me that this test causes more panic than anything. Just before I went to the states, my came back with me being a high risk. I had my second trimester ultrasound done when I came back and everything seemed normal. So, little Maya continues to grow strong. Here are a couple of shots of her, unfortunately, they aren’t great as she seems to have inherited the inability to stay still from her mom ( She is at 22 weeks):

Also, it seems my doctor is incapable of producing a good shot. I swear he does it on purpose. So, we move on…

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