Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

Dear Maya Bee,

October 28th, 2015

Dear Maya,
You are now my beautiful, grown-up little girl.  You turned 6 recently, and you are as busy as your nickname.  This pas year has been amazing.  The beginning of the year, you should off some mad skiing skills.  You also did very well at pony riding, but I could see that it was not your first love.  Your heart belong to dancing and you did great.  School was tough last year, but you are handling it like a champ this year and are now completely bilingual in French and English.  You are always eager to go to school, even when I offer for you to stay with us and your grandparents for lunch.

You are still swimming from time to time with daddy, but it is tough with your busy schedule. You started the year with ice skating, gymnastics, and ballet 2 times a week.  Now we are in the winter season ( which is turning out to be not so great) and you have taken away one day of ballet and added 2 days of competition skiing.  We will see how it goes this year and may cut down later. You are still a great skier, but as I said, you are getting some tough lesson, due to the snow is more ice. 

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