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Bad Mommy, Bad..

October 28th, 2015

Goodness gracious, I can’t
believe how much time that I have let pass!!!!!  Since the last time that
I had a minute to sit down and write, has been forever.  I am actually
sitting in a restaurant, while I wait for Maya to finish her ski practice!!

So, since the last time
that I wrote, I have been busy with all the holidays, being a taxi driver for
one Miss Maya, and taking out the dog.

I figured that I would
catch up on my blog, since I have a sick little girl home with the stomach flu
and can’t do much, besides a ton of laundry.

Couple of photos of our
little growing lady:

Since I last wrote, the end
of November, we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with friends.  It was
delicious!  Still not home, but it was a good time! We were stuffed.  After we ate we took a walk to walk off our
dinner, in our favorite place.

Next day we started
decorating the house. 

Maya trying to help

Then we
were off to our annual St Nicolas fete. 
It was a little sad this year, as one of our good friends lost his 40
year son to a brain hemorrhage.  Also, quite
a few of older friends were suffering from health problem, so it was quite
small this year.  The kids still had a
great time!

Maya dance
class open the doors to the parent once a year to demonstrate what they have been
learning, since the beginning of the year.
They also
had a private holiday party for the whole dance, which the parent weren’t

Her ice
skating did their holiday party.  She
gave her Christmas dress from last year to her good friend and Gammie got her a
new one, so they were the Santa twins!! 
Even the moms had a bit of fun and got their faces painted too.

We did
quite a bit of cooking too.  Seems that I
have become some sort of cupcake queen. 
At the end of November, I made 40 for her class to celebrate her
birthday.  Then 50 for her Christmas
market at school to be sold to make money for her school, and 50 for Jean-Marc’s
work.  Plus we made cookies for her
teachers for Christmas.  Maya was a great
help and a lot of fun!!She call the Hershey kiss cookies the Gammie cookies, as
she remembered making them with Gammie the last time that we were home for

Miss Maya
Bee is very fashion conscientious.  From
the tip of her head to tiny little toes. 
Her latest thing is combing her hair straight, which kills me, as I love
her beautiful curls. Which aren’t as curly, as her hair get longer, sniff.  Here is my little goof ball showing off her

Maya dressed a lot for the holiday!

Our visit with Santa in town!!

seemed to really sneak up on us.  I was
very unprepared, as we planned to take of the day after Christmas to spend 10
days in Val d’Isere skiing.  We had a
nice, quiet, Christmas at home. The best part was we had lobsters for our Christmas dinner.  They were delicious!!


Here are
Maya and Daddy playing with their Christmas gift from Santa. LEGOS!!

We had our
good friends the Richard’s (Coco, Olga, and Eva) come and ski and celebrate New
Year’s with us.  Oh yeah, I forgot that
during all this, I rip the tendons in my left knee during all of this, so there
was no skiing for me for most of the vacation. 
I did manage to hit the slopes a bit. 
Maya had a great time Eva.  They
were excellent.

Maya has
started competition skiing this year. 
She goes 2 days a week to our local ski station the 7 laux and skis from
3 to 4 hours.  She does this with the GUC
Grenoble.  She is doing well, but prefers
to do jumps and boarder cross than slalom racing.  I usually go along one of the days, so the
pooch can get his snow fix too.

We went
with Maya dear friend Elise and her family to see Disney on Ice.  Lesson learned this year, if you have seen
Disney on Ice the 2 years before in United States, it is the same one two years
later in France.  It was still fun to see
and was a great time.

So, now we
are on vacation (I know, again?!?).  We
rented a place at the 7 laux, because Miss Maya Bee has her first ski
race.  Unfortunately, for Maya she came
down with a huge stomach flu the Thursday before the race, and was very ill for
2 days.  Then mommy came down with the
very same stomach flu, the day before and was sick all night.  So, when preparing Maya for her race, Mommy
forgot to put heated pads in her ski boots. 
So, of course it was freezing during the race, the poor things toes were
killing her, so her first race experience was not the greatest.  On top of everything, I had to miss seeing
her first race, as I was keeping the toilet company. 
We had Maya’s
good friend Elise and her mom come stay with Mommy and Maya during the week,
since both Daddy’s had to work.  It was
great fun.  Except when the dang dog came
down with the flu too. 

So, that is
the latest from the crazy life of one Miss Maya Bee!!

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