Pfitzauf et Maya Bee dans les Alpes

So much fun, so little time to write!

October 28th, 2015

I hate that I have had no time to write.  I love that this serves as a diary for Maya, and she will one day look back at all her memories!
So we left off with us hanging out at the house after her dance recital.
She next had a little folk dance show for school.  It was really cute, but really warm inside. It really was adorable.  The kids gave their all.

We capture a picture one afternoon, with the most amazing rainbow!

Maya got to be herself, a little bee,  for her gymnastic show.  It was a very sad event, as the association’s president passed a few days earlier. It was still a show well done.

And this show brought us to the end of the school year and all her activities.  We started our summer vacation going to Omi and Grandpère for the weekend. We took a quick stop at one of our favorite restaurant, sad, but it was Burger King.

We had a week of summer vacation in Grenoble, before taking off to good ole USA, so we gave sailing a try.  We had a blast hanging out at the lake.  Too bad there isn’t really a place to swim there.

They had a “Hawaiian” theme one day.

 I bought this silly little net for Maya to “try” and catch a fish.

 I should have known that she would succeed!

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